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Edd Wilson

Head of SEO strategy. Joined Impression in December 2014.

My first steps into SEO and the world of the internet was at the age of 16. I was lucky enough that my first family’s computer was placed in my room which allowed me to spend hours customising HTML for MySpace profiles before creating websites and monetising traffic through Google Adsense. Many years later, I now lead the SEO strategy for major brands in order to make sure they remain leaders in their market.

Prior to working at Impression, I have worked at award winning SEO agencies along with managing in-house SEO teams, this has allowed me to understand the process behind delivery and organising a successful organic strategy across a variety of teams.

During this time, I have been guilty of falling down many SEO rabbit holes only to come out more experienced. I also deliver training to in-house teams along with recently delivering Javascript SEO training at BrightonSEO. Oh, I also fixed a major SEO issue for Amazon Prime – You can read about that here. Please forgive me for helping Jeff Bezos.

Day to day, my main focus is leading the SEO strategy for business growth whilst supporting the SEO department on performance & strategy.

Something that I’m proud of:
Definitely not helping Amazon.

Outside of work:
I enjoy music production, analog photography, homemade ramen, podcasts, playing football, being depressed at Nottingham Forest and appreciating John Mayor.

Edd Wilson has specialist knowledge in SEO and Technical SEO.