Paid Media Analyst. Joined Impression in August 2021. 

Before joining Impression, I completed a PhD in literature and taught at the University of Nottingham. I’ve written for and edited, a range of academic journals and conferences internationally. I also author the annual review of contemporary British literary criticism for Oxford University Press, so I’m always happy to talk lit! 

I joined Impression because the digital marketing space offers opportunities to put my particular admixture of skills and experiences to work in new and interesting ways. More than that, though, I’m here because Impression is a great place to work.

My role involves working with a range of clients to optimise the performance of their online ad campaigns.

Outside of work, I have a pug named Cabbage who does his very best to adorably monopolise my time. When I’m not catering to his whims, I enjoy writing (creatively or otherwise) and you’ll most often find me chaotically cooking & baking gluten-free food, burning time on video games, or working out.