Before joining impression, I worked for a well-known health & beauty retailer for 6 years. I started straight from school as I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to study at uni (and didn’t want the debt) so I chose to jump straight into work. For some time I was was working full time there whilst also waitressing (a job I struggled to say bye to).

I thoroughly enjoyed the role within digital marketing because you were always learning something new – whether that be different strategies or products as well as needing to work closely with other marketing teams in the business to ensure we were aligned. There is always something new to be learnt!

I really wanted to pursue my career in PPC so I was delighted when I was offered the role to work for Impression.

When I am not working, you will find me watching a lot of football (this is Liverpool’s Year!), walking in the peaks and experiencing new places and always thinking of the next holiday.