I joined the SEO team at Impression straight after graduating from Coventry University with a 1st class degree in Marketing and Advertising. Throughout my four years at university, I deliberately tried to immerse myself in each and every marketing project I could get my hands on to come out of university with an appreciation of marketing theory and real-life work experience.

During my placement year as a Marketing Coordinator, I found a passion for digital marketing and, especially, as you could have probably guessed it, SEO. Given my background in STEM and the creative sector, this shiny new marketing discipline stole my attention as it combined the best of both worlds.

As an SEO executive here at Impression, it is my responsibility to contribute to our clients bespoke SEO strategies carved to suit their specific business needs by creating engaging content. 

When I’m not typing the day away in the Fothergill house’s third floor, you’ll probably find me either in my greenhouse, on the rugby pitch or obsessing about yet another of my houseplant’s leaves turning yellow.