Google Ads Shopping is the paid media channel of choice for ecommerce retailers wanting to drive incremental performance across their product inventory.

Google shopping advertising has come a long way since its inception, seeing significant market penetration over the last five years. It is a powerful channel within search that can be optimised and scaled by a number of techniques, including query sculpting, contextual feed optimisation, profit-focused bidding, Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) selection and more.

Since Spring 2020, the freemium model has since returned to Google, too, meaning free organic clicks are available for products uploaded to Merchant Center.

At Impression we pride ourselves in our unique approach to shopping campaign optimisation. Our PPC team is commercially astute, and we always look to maximise total overall returns within challenging target ROAS/ROI targets. We overlay business data, such as promotional ranges, product margin and stock levels into our strategies where possible, to maximise profitable return.

google premier partner impressionWe’re a high performing Google Premier Partner Agency, trusted by many businesses across the UK and Europe with their shopping advertising, targeting markets across the world. We’re also the UK Search Awards’ 2020 UK Biddable Team of the Year.

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Our approach to Google Shopping Advertising

For us, any paid channel needs to be managed scientifically. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation as a data driven Google Shopping agency, using data extracted from Google platforms, industry leading tools and our own internal tools to be able to make properly informed decisions on bid strategy and budget allocation.

Impression’s PPC Team is led by industry thought leaders, speakers and trainers, having been on stage at SMX, SMXL, HeroConf and AdWorld. As a company, and a Paid Media team, we invest large proportions of our time into internal training, and deploy our bespoke scripts, tools and third party feed optimisation platforms when required.

We take a full life-cycle approach to Shopping Campaign management; we consult with all relevant parts of your business. We consult with your trading team and IT developers on the “what” and “how” your product inventory is represented. We optimise feed content on your site, via intermediary optimisation software and if needed, on the ads platforms, too. It’s with this, and regular content updates, feed testing and the inclusion of promotions data we’re able to get the results you need from the channel. Read more about our approach to feed optimisation.

When working with Google Shopping it’s important to consider a holistic campaign plan. Shopping campaigns will only ever capture inbound traffic; we ensure you’re properly set up to attract new customers and audiences effectively, and to make the most of returning shoppers, too.

When it comes to reporting, we take a “retail trading” style approach; we power dashboards with SKU, category and campaign performance information so that together we can make the correct catalog and campaign decisions.

How Google Shopping works

Google Shopping is Google’s own advertising network that allows you to place your products in front of the people who are ready to buy them.

Unlike other AdWords (Google Ads) platforms, Shopping relies on the feed you input to inform it on what products are included and for which queries they should therefore be displayed – rather than bidding on keywords.

This means that advertisers need to use optimised, correctly formatted shopping feeds to upload their information to Google, for the best chances of being displayed for the correct queries.

Your Shopping feed can also incorporate other areas of information about your products, such as review stars, prices, sizes and much more. As a Google Premier Partner agency, we are experts in optimising Shopping feeds to get the most out of your product features in the SERPs.