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Combining creativity with a dedication to measurable gains to achieve results you can be proud of

Digital PR helps to get your business in front of potential customers as they browse the web and is a highly effective brand awareness tool. But it’s also so much more than that.

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Digital PR opportunity

In our experience, you’re probably seeking a digital PR agency to help you achieve a broader goal(s). Yes, high profile coverage is exciting and, yes, we do achieve it for our clients – but we also believe that digital PR (unlike its traditional counterpart) should be delivering tangible value. For us, it’s about measurable gains as much as it is big placements and viral campaigns.

If you like the sound of exciting, creative digital PR campaigns that achieve results to be proud of on all levels, we could be the agency for you… Read on or get in touch to speak to one of our digital PR specialists.


Digital PR Services

Your digital PR strategy is formed from the end goals you want to achieve. Depending on who you’re trying to target, what stories you want to tell and what types of websites you’d like to be featured on, we’ll set the strategy that’s right for you.

To achieve multiple links and blanket national and local coverage across B2C and B2B publications, and earn increased brand awareness, our team will take time to ‘ideate’ and focus on the areas of your business that lend themselves to news stories.

We monitor journalist requests and follow the news to identify opportunities for you, placing comments where appropriate or building out larger scale content that will travel well in the current press landscape.

We’re experienced across a variety of sectors and can help you get your stories out through trade specific websites and publications. It might also be tied to local SEO goals or aspirations to grow in a specific locale.

As E-A-T has become an even greater consideration for SEO, it’s important that your brand and the authors within be positioned as expert, authoratative and trustworthy – and digital PR can support that.

Digital PR Campaigns: What to expect

When investing in digital PR with Impression, a typical digital PR campaign will comprise:


traditional PR vs digital PR

What’s the difference between traditional PR and digital PR?

For us, it’s measurability. We use a wide span of PR tactics to achieve our client’s goals, agreeing in advance the KPIs and ensuring measurable, visible, tangible benefits. We celebrate the outcomes as well as the outputs. It’s your investment; make it count.


We build links and brands.

The work we do is always centred around our client’s goals.

In the majority of cases, that means we’re building links – but it also means we’re creating compelling content that positions our client’s brands positively in front of their target audience.

Our clients have featured in…


Digital PR and SEO

Digital PR is often paired with SEO, because each can benefit the other.

Digital PR focuses on creating positive, tactical and influential messages and distributing them through the channels that are most successful to build brand awareness and authority. SEO focuses on developing quality content which ranks well in the search results and is shared and mentioned across the web.

Digital PR can therefore benefit your SEO strategy by building those mentions and links around the web. This improves your domain authority and as such improves your search rankings too. Similarly, SEO benefits digital PR by uncovering the topics and themes that people are searching for; feeding into the campaign strategy and the type of content you share through the PR activity.


Advice and Training

Digital PR advice and training

Your investment in digital PR training with Impression will see you learn how to craft a successful digital PR strategy based on solid audience understanding, target publication lists and an extensive knowledge of SEO techniques.

Your business has unique needs based on its own goals and digital marketing journey. We’ll work with you to craft a bespoke training plan that fulfils those needs and ensures you’re equipped to use your new skills to achieve positive results for your business.

Digital PR for Measureable Gains

Digital PR is one of the most valuable forms of online marketing you can do. This is because its benefit spans the more general goal of ‘brand awareness’ and also the more tangible goals relating to search rankings and domain authority.

We believe that effective digital PR is an integral part of the ‘bigger picture’. Our digital PR experts work closely with our SEO team to understand the goal, whether that’s to improve rankings for a particular page, drive more traffic to a particular product or simply help raise brand awareness online.

We do this by taking SEO one step further. Whilst traditional SEO link building might focus on getting links to a page, digital PR is all about understanding the product or service that’s being promoted, distilling the core messages surrounding it and communicating those messages in such a way that they are featured in the places your audience is already active online. As a result, you also get more links to your website, which supports your SEO success overall.

What’s the difference between traditional PR and digital PR, then? For us, it’s measurability. We use a wide span of PR tactics to achieve our client’s goals, agreeing in advance the KPIs and ensuring measurable, visible, tangible benefits. We celebrate the outcomes as well as the outputs. It’s your investment; make it count.

Digital PR Campaign Types

We’re very much of the opinion that story comes first, format comes second. That means we find the news hook first and then find the format most appropriate to communicate it. With that said, there are some common formats that we know you’re likely to be inspired / excited by, and that we’d like to share here. Of course, this doesn’t show the extent of what we can do; if you’d like to discuss your requirements with us, get in touch.

Creative content campaigns most commonly comprise an on site asset and some form of interactivity for the audience. Because of their larger investment, they also often reap larger reward; we speak a lot of the broader benefits, which you can learn about here:

Thought leadership campaigns are an essential part of any strategy, and even more so with considerations around E-A-T in SEO. We’ll help you grow your author profiles, identify appropriate spokespeople and prove your expertise, authority and trustworthiness to your audience and the press.

PR stunts are a great, cost-effective way to drive interest in your brand and earn new links to your website. We’ve conducted product based stunts, dream job campaigns and much more, drawing on our traditional PR expertise. We’d love to help you find what’s best for your brand.

Quizzes are a great format for driving press attention, gaining audience engagement and generating new data from which to build new campaigns. From simple forms to fully developed interactive quizzes bespoke to your site, our team of PRs, designers and developers can help.

Data based campaigns and visualisations are a great method for achieving press coverage and can communicate your expertise to your target audience. We work with your data or that of third parties to help generate ‘news from nothing’ and gain coverage in the places that matter.


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