Digital PR is an essential part of any brand’s marketing strategy – whether you’re in it for the direct SEO gains or the broader benefits of putting your brand in front of your audience with the right messaging, at the right time.

Our team of digital PR specialists come from a mix of traditional PR, journalism and SEO backgrounds, given us the skills we need to deliver impactful digital PR campaigns, from newsjacking and simple data visualisations through to large scale creative concepts.

For us, it’s about measurable gains as much as it is big placements and viral campaigns and we pride ourselves on the delivery of digital PR campaigns that make a measurable impact on your business’ goals.

If you like the sound of exciting, creative digital PR campaigns that achieve results to be proud of on all levels, we could be the agency for you… Read on or get in touch to speak to one of our digital PR specialists.

We build links and brands.

The work we do is always centred around our client’s goals. In the majority of cases, that means we’re building links – but it also means we’re creating compelling content that positions our client’s brands positively in front of their target audience.

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Digital PR and SEO

Digital PR is often paired with SEO, because each can benefit the other.

Digital PR focuses on creating positive, tactical and influential messages and distributing them through the channels that are most successful to build brand awareness and authority. SEO focuses on developing quality content which ranks well in the search results and is shared and mentioned across the web.

Digital PR can therefore benefit your SEO strategy by building those mentions and links around the web. This improves your domain authority and as such improves your search rankings too. Similarly, SEO benefits digital PR by uncovering the topics and themes that people are searching for; feeding into the campaign strategy and the type of content you share through the PR activity.

Digital PR for Measurable Gains

Digital PR is one of the most valuable forms of online marketing you can do. This is because its benefit spans the more general goal of ‘brand awareness’ and also the more tangible goals relating to search rankings and domain authority.

We believe that effective digital PR is an integral part of the ‘bigger picture’. Our digital PR experts work closely with our SEO team to understand the goal, whether that’s to improve rankings for a particular page, drive more traffic to a particular product or simply help raise brand awareness online.

We do this by taking SEO one step further. Whilst traditional SEO link building might focus on getting links to a page, digital PR is all about understanding the product or service that’s being promoted, distilling the core messages surrounding it and communicating those messages in such a way that they are featured in the places your audience is already active online. As a result, you also get more links to your website, which supports your SEO success overall.

What’s the difference between traditional PR and digital PR, then? For us, it’s measurability. We use a wide span of PR tactics to achieve our client’s goals, agreeing in advance the KPIs and ensuring measurable, visible, tangible benefits. We celebrate the outcomes as well as the outputs. It’s your investment; make it count.

Who We Are

Our team of digital PR specialists operates primarily from our Nottingham base and benefits from a huge office, plenty of breakout spaces and lots and lots of whiteboards! Together, we’re a close knit bunch and we’re all as outwardly nerdy about our industry and each other, sharing campaigns we’ve loved, campaigns we haven’t and openly critiquing the news and PR landscape on a regular basis.

Most of us come from more traditional PR backgrounds, having honed our expertise working with some of the UK’s biggest brands, in some exciting niches and in both domestic and international markets. Our time in traditional backgrounds has taught us the skills on which we build in being digital specialists, as well as underpinning our passion for tangible, measurable gains that garner more ‘bang for your buck’ than a typical traditional campaign.

Others in the team come from journalist backgrounds – in fact, one team member was so impressed by a PR pitch from Impression that she left the newspaper for which she worked to join us! This background gives us valuable insight into ‘what it’s like from the other side’ and has underpinned the development of our own outreach processes.

Then we’ve got SEOs – turned – PRs. A growing breed in their own right, these people have experienced the tangible gains of PR and have joined us to enjoy the creativity of a digital PR role, bringing with them the detailed knowledge of how links affect online visibility.

Together, we work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries, both B2B and B2C, in delivering impressive campaigns crafted around measurable gains. We’d love to add your brand to that list!

PR Projects vs Retainers

Ours is a business that has grown primarily from retainer based work. This means we build lasting relationships with our clients, meaning we’re much better placed to dovetail our work into theirs and become a truly integrated extension of their own marketing team.

What this means for our clients is that they’re confident in our knowledge not only of the press landscape, but of the nuances of their brand, their business aspirations and their audience that underpin all of our ideation and subsequent campaign strategies.

With that said, we also appreciate that many of you may be seeking a PR project or single campaign, either to prove the concept of digital PR within your business, or to test our skills, maybe even putting us up against another agency or team.

And that’s fine by us, too! While we would always prefer the longer term relationship a retainer brings, we are more than happy to discuss one off projects and have honed our skills in project management to facilitate this.

No matter what your needs, get in touch today to discuss them with Impression. We’re also open to RFPs / tender processes and you can email your project brief directly to us at

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What is digital PR?

Digital PR is the term used to describe a link building tactic involving interaction with the press. Digital PR specialists help brands to earn backlinks to their website through the creation and placement of newsworthy content in relevant publications, often within the news sphere.

Why is digital PR important?

Digital PR is important to brands for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Earn new links to a website to support organic ranking improvements in SEO
  2. Communicate expertise to users and search engines through relevant placements
  3. Build audiences through well-planned on-site assets
How does digital PR impact SEO?

Digital PR impacts SEO by earning new links to a brand’s website. Links serve as a proxy for ‘votes’ and the websites with the most votes will appear highest up the search results, simply speaking. But, not all votes are equal so savvy PRs will seek to earn links from high quality, highly relevant websites.