I’m a Content Specialist in Impression’s SEO team, where I’ve worked since I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2016. I manage a variety of client accounts, helping each business to stand out from the online crowd in their industry.

With my background as an English student and a blogger, I write whatever my clients need me to write, both for their own web pages or blogs and for features on other sites. With such a variety of clients to work with, I write on a broad range of topics every day, which means I end up researching a lot of diverse topics and working for all kinds of audiences.

Researching clients and working out what makes their audiences tick is at the core of pretty much everything I do. It’s an ever-evolving challenge to match those insights to changes in the industry, with the continuing development of AI in tech and the rise of voice search in the UK, but that’s what keeps things fresh and exciting for me as I work to keep my clients ahead of the curve.

Originally from Sussex, I came to Nottingham as a student and decided to stick around. When I’m not at Impression, I can normally be found working through a stack of comics, reading about things that are either very old or imaginary and playing a concerning number of board games.