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Refine your website's performance with technical SEO from Impression

Technical SEO stands as one of the most important aspects of any successful SEO campaign. Without technical competence, your website could miss out on the visibility it deserves. Our team offer full site technical audits, as well as consultancy and optimisation services. Google’s ability to understand a website is directly impacted by technical SEO. From the initial crawl to the rendering and indexing of your site, technical deficiencies can raise challenges for search engine user-agents and their indexing systems, leading to lost organic visibility. Furthermore, poor technical health can often have a negative impact on all areas of your site, hampering the success of content and site usability.


Does My Business Need Technical SEO?

While the necessity and specific work required changes with each business, nearly every website will have some technical pitfalls present.

The nature of a growing domain means that issues arise and often go unchecked, hidden away under the surface. Worse still, the necessity for websites to serve multiple devices and include complex functionality creates additional problems that can be lost without proper technical understanding.

Technical SEO isn’t a one-time task either; a successful domain will maintain excellent technical health at all times, ensuring that search engines can efficiently crawl, render and interpret each page. For this reason, partnering with a technical SEO agency is vital to your SEO campaign.

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Understand Your Site with a Technical SEO Audit

To understand exactly how your website is performing, a technical audit is an ideal benchmark.

Through this process, we can identify the successes and challenges facing your domain, as well as strategise how to resolve issues effectively.

Our comprehensive audit will dig into the inner workings of your website, revealing the key factors that could be preventing you from achieving the visibility you are eligible for. From ecommerce SEO considerations, where faceted search functions can lead to complicated URL structures and mind-bending site architecture, to lead generation platforms that demand a simple user experience, we can help to ensure your website is running smoothly.


Impact of Technical Optimisation

No site is going to be technically perfect and as complexity rises, so too does the propensity for technical issues to arise.

Google’s best practice guidelines list a vast array of potential challenges, some or all of which your website may be a victim of. The inference is to go ahead, fix everything and move forward. The reality, however, is that many technical fixes are time-consuming and resource-intensive, often with marginal gains in organic performance relative to your investment.

Impression’s consultants will strategise an approach to optimisation based on your technical health and organic performance, prioritising the issues that are holding you back and enact change that leads to tangible improvement in performance and deliver real-world ROI.

Technical SEO Challenges

Within the technical SEO umbrella, there are a number of disciplines that need to be considered. Each comes with its own challenges, which is why our team are experts in all things technical. We can help you with a number of technical SEO aspects, such as:

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