Thought leadership marketing is all about positioning your brand favourably in front of your target audience. It acknoledges that Google wants to display the very best search results to its users and that means making it clear that your business is the most credible, expert source of what those users need.

Our digital PR team works closely with your team to understand the messages of importance and the spokespeople behind them, pitching guest posts into publications of relevance and quality.

More often than not, we utilise thought leadership as part of the ‘always on’ layer of our strategies for link acquisition, along with newsjacking and responding to journalist requests. This is usually accompanied by a series of higher profile, creative campaigns design to achieve mass coverage, while thought leadership as a tactic is much more defined, refined and targeted.

Learn more about our approach to thought leadership marketing below, or get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Our approach to thought leadership marketing

Our experienced digital PR team all have the skills required to produce, engaging, informative and compelling copy.

With that in mind, our strategies (where appropriate) will always include an element of thought leadership, whether using them solely with the aim to create authority behind the brand and spokesperson, or to really focus on pushing a message into the selected industry.

Other clients may just want to have a strategy focused only on thought leadership, though this is not a sure fire way of generating mass amounts of links and coverage in a short burst, it is a way of really focussing on brand values and core messaging and a way of showcasing expertise.

We can work with you to decide upon topics, target industries and work to really build experts in the press from your company, positioning you as respected and informed industry voices.

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