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Beginners' Guides

Digital marketing is always evolving, with new technologies and techniques leading to new opportunities for businesses to grow online. Getting started in digital marketing can be daunting. With so much information around, how do you know where to start, and what will help your business grow the most? Impression is a multi-award winning team of digital marketers who share their tips and advice for topics including SEO, PPC, PR, conversion rate optimisation, social media, web design, digital strategy and much more. You'll find our 'beginners' guides' here, all providing beginner level introductions and tips for you. Whether you're just starting in your digital career, you're looking to learn more about digital techniques as part of a broader marketing role, or you're a business owner who wants a better understanding of the online opportunities available, you'll find just what you need here! You can also contact our expert team for advice and to discuss your own digital strategy; email hello@impression.co.uk today or follow us on LinkedIn for more updates and insights.

5 min read

What’s That Again?: A Search Ads Explanation

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of easy to digest ad format explanations, as well as their benefits and disadvantages to help you better understand what all the words mean. As someone who’s worked on Search campaigns for a long time now, I can well understand that the jargon and terminology of Google & […]

5 min read

Beginners guide to the PPC Auction

4 min read

A Beginners Guide To Audiences

11 min read

The beginner’s guide to SEO

6 min read

A Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads

6 min read

A Beginners’ Guide to Status Codes

10 min read

Keyword Research For Beginners