Black Friday: an opportunity for ecommerce businesses…

Black Friday started life as an American tradition, where stores would put on special deals and offers for one day only. In recent years, it’s grown from one day to a full weekend, and has made it’s way over to our humble shores…

Ecommerce businesses across a wide range of verticals are using the Black Friday weekend as an opportunity to make more sales, increase brand engagement and broaden their audience.

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Prepare your Black Friday campaigns early

Black Friday may seem like it’s ages away. But preparation is essential if your business is going to make the most of this once-a-year opportunity. Get your ducks in order early and start letting your customers and potential customers know that Black Friday is coming.


Create a buzz with customers and prospects

The online shopping audience is increasingly aware of Black Friday. Many ecommerce stores will actually see a decline in sales in the run up to the event as customers anticipate better deals to come. Let your customers know what’s coming and create a buzz that encourages them to shop with you.


Deliver the best Black Friday experience

There’s no point in driving traffic and customers to your website if you’re not ready to deliver on your promises. Black Friday is your opportunity to showcase the best of your customer service and fulfilment offering, and to encourage the weekend’s customers to return to you after the event too.


Have a post-event process in place

The opportunities associated with Black Friday don’t end once the event is over. You can make the most of your new audience and encourage up selling and retention through various tools and techniques. Be sure to measure the return on your efforts too; this way, you’re better prepared when Black Friday rolls around again…

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