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Create urgency this Black Friday with dynamic countdown ads

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

2020 has been a testing year for most businesses, which has made events such as Black Friday even more important in ensuring businesses get that much needed sales boost. Therefore, businesses need to be on their A game when it comes to their Black Friday Google Ads Campaign – and Countdown Ads should be a central part of this. 

What Are Countdown Ads?

Countdown Ads appear in the Google search results page within an ad, either in the headline, description or path field. They display a live countdown timer to the user in order for the business to promote a particular sale or event they currently have on. This will be in days, hours or minutes and will automatically adjust depending on how close to the event it currently is.

Why Do I Need Them?

Countdown ads are a powerful tool to create urgency amongst the user, while also making your sale or promotion stand out in the search results! Creating this urgency encourages the user to click on the ad and take action quickly, resulting in more conversions for your business. Another benefit of countdown ads is that they aren’t included in your character count, so there’s no need to adjust your headline or descriptions to fit these in.

How Do I Implement Them?

Step 1:

Open your Google Ads account and select the campaign > ad group > ad you wish to add the countdown timer too. 

Step 2:

Now decide which part of the ad you would like to add the countdown timer too (headline, description or display path). Enter a curly bracket “ { “ and Google will give you the option to insert a countdown timer:

Step 3:

This will then open a dialogue window where you can choose your countdown end date and the length of time that the countdown will display for:

Step 4:

You can also choose whether the ad countdown changes between different time zones or is fixed to the Google Ads account time zone. If you select ‘ad viewer’s time zone’ the countdown will display different times depending what time zone the user is in, so for example the ad will end 5 hours later for a user in New York than a London user due to the time difference. Here you can decide the language the countdown is displayed too.

Step 5:

You’re all done – Go check out your countdown ad in the Google Search results page and watch those conversions increase!

Other Uses Of Countdown Ads

Countdown ads don’t just have to be used for a Black Friday sale – they should be used throughout the year to promote any time-specific sales you have to create urgency in the same way. They don’t even have to be used just for sales, you could use them to promote a new store opening or new product launch.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the countdown feature in your Google ads this Black Friday to ensure you create a buzz and sense of urgency around your sale
  • Make them customised to viewer’s time zones if you operate an international website so the ad shows during the whole day for those customers 
  • Continue to use them after Black Friday is over to promote additional sales or events you have going on