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Planning for the peak selling season

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

This year’s peak selling season is upon us! Impression’s experts have shared actionable tips and tactics to help you prepare for the biggest ecommerce events of the year. Learn which campaign techniques will help you to stand out from the crowd during this year’s retail selling season.

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Get your setup right

Create a dedicated holiday campaign

Consider bidding on your brand + Christmas or, if you’re worried about volume, a product + Christmas. On the day itself, most users will have conducted their own research, and be looking for price, so ensure any offers are called out in the copy

Should you bid on holiday terms like ‘Christmas’ or ‘Boxing Day’?

The general consensus is, no, this probably isn’t a good idea at face value. However, consider bidding on the term in a remarketing-only campaign, capturing previous purchasers or basket abandoners and letting them know what your offer is. Even better, create an audience of those who converted during last year’s holiday selling season and go big for them!

Standing out on the SERP

Change your copy account-wide

We know, it’s a big job! Do the prep work early and it’s guaranteed to pay off. All users are accustomed to look for deals on the results page at this time of year, so you’re guaranteed to fall behind without a mention. 

You can use Countdown Functions account-wide to build anticipation of offer end dates. Do this on the final day of your offer and see your CTR rise!

Revamp your sitelinks

Take this opportunity to promote some holiday-specific sitelinks. We’d recommend building a bespoke ‘offers’ page and apply a sitelink across campaigns, ensuring users can easily access your offers in one place.

Merchant Centre promotions

Don’t ignore your shopping campaigns! Take the time to upload Merchant Centre Promotions – everyone in the shopping tab will be looking at them.

How else you can prepare

Use automated rules

Don’t try and switch everything over yourself at midnight! Make the most of the automated rule feature, label up ads and campaigns accordingly and schedule these to go live. Have another person double check the setup and spend some time in the morning making sure they’ve all run correctly.

Get your budgets ready

It’s easy to focus on your copy and forget to change your campaign budgets. Ahead of key events, like Black Friday, Christmas, or Boxing day, dedicate a good few hours to checking on budgets and increasing to a level you’re comfortable with. Remember – it’s highly likely that your campaigns will actually meet your daily budgets on this day. Consider having some contingency budget set aside just in case!

Maximising your paid social campaigns

Work with your audiences

Build up your prospecting activity and drive as much traffic to your site when CPMs are low. Pull together some dedicated holiday campaigns to target your most successful cold audiences. Don’t forget to target last year’s converters!

Focus on creative

Generate offer specific creative and upload this to Facebook well in advance – ensure this gets approved. Consider creating product sets within your catalogue to showcase sale products. Now is a good time to use sticker overlays! 

What you should avoid

Uploading new copy or creative on the day

It’s easy to get thrown by competitor activity and assume you need to change your creative or offer strategy. 

Changes to ads notoriously take even longer to get approved over the holiday period. If you think there’s any chance you’ll be changing your offer, pull together a ‘back up’ creative, with generic messaging (Huge Black Friday/Christmas Savings Now On!) 

Swap these in to avoid any downtime.

Swapping out Google’s auction time bidding for manual

A few years ago, this was exactly the way to operate. Today, auction time bidding can respond to seasonality and adjust bids much more frequently than any human can! Ensure your budgets are set appropriately, and your bid strategies should do the rest.