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SEO Auditing Services

Take a fresh look at existing strategies and plan for future success

Impression’s SEO auditing service is designed to provide actionable recommendations on key aspects of your website’s performance. We deliver audits focusing on technical SEO, on-site content performance, a site’s backlink profile or any combination of the three.

Our Approach to SEO Audits

Impression has delivered technical, content and link audits for a wide range of large and medium-sized businesses across numerous sectors, including both B2B, B2C and non-profit.

We can undertake SEO audits as one-off projects, or as a way to supplement an ongoing or proposed strategy. Each audit project will involve the following:


A fact-finding meeting to determine your main areas of focus.


A research phase, during which we use a range of tools and investigative process to compile our situation analysis and recommendations.


A comprehensive document for each part of the audit that will explain your current performance and our recommendations.


An end of project meeting in which we will discuss the audit’s results with you and agree a plan to implement the recommendations.


Impact vs Resource

Any given website might have a number of ‘issues’ that could be addressed from a strictly best-practice perspective.

However, these different issues will not be impacting the site’s performance to the same extent. Impression’s SEO specialists are adept at identifying which issues are having the biggest detrimental impact, allowing us to effectively prioritise the fixes that we recommend.

We present our recommendations alongside estimations of the impact that the fixes will have on performance and the resource that implementing them will require. High impact, low resource changes are the ‘quick wins’ that should be addressed quickly for an immediate uplift, while lower impact or higher resource changes will require more planning to make sure that they are being actioned at the right time so that you see a return on your investment with us.


Backlink Audits

Backlink audits allow us to assess the extent to which your site’s backlink profile is helping or harming your site’s organic performance.

Using specialist tools, we will review successes, opportunities and risks, including checking through low-quality websites to assess those that may actively harm your organic performance.

The output of our backlink audit is an updated disavow file that will help to remove the influence that bad links have on your performance. More positively, a backlink audit can also inform a proactive digital PR strategy to help your site build authority.

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Included in our audits

Every audit is bespoke to the individual client, but there are some considerations that often occur across a range of different sites.

The goal of our technical SEO auditing process is to help you make your site easier for both search engines and users to navigate. For many of our clients, the technical audit involves a review of the site’s crawlability, index coverage status and related UX concerns. Your audit may include:

  • Crawler control recommendations, particularly for large sites
  • Considerations for sites with complex faceted navigation and/or pagination issues
  • Recommendations for large-scale content quality issues
  • Page speed recommendations
  • Improvements for internal linking and site architecture
  • Mobile SEO and UX considerations
  • Structured data markup recommendations
  • Log file analysis
  • International setup and performance considerations

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On-site content is the single most important signal for search engines when it comes to determining the searches for which you are eligible to rank. Our content audits review the targeting and quality of your existing content, as well as identifying longer-term strategies to help you increase your organic visibility further. Your audit may include:

  • Analysis of current keyword targeting successes and opportunities
  • Content gap analysis
  • Competitor content analysis
  • Content quality audit
  • Optimisation recommendations for key landing pages
  • Recommendations for metadata optimisation
  • Search intent analysis
  • Informational content strategy
  • Usage of multimedia

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