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JavaScript SEO Services

Optimise your site’s JavaScript implementations to be Google-friendly and visible

If you’re using a headless CMS, JavaScript e-commerce setup, or a bespoke web application to drive your website, then it’s very likely that you’re facing a number of crawling, rendering and indexing issues.

About JavaScript

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines haven’t yet fully caught up with the trend towards JavaScript applications, as processing these requires a significantly larger amount of resource and extra steps to successfully render on-page JavaScript elements.

This means that standard search engine rendering technologies don’t actually see your website for what it is the majority of the time. Furthermore, the added steps required for Google to interpret these pages can add days – if not weeks – to the indexing process, leading to sluggish uptake of your site.

Although there are a few off-the-shelf solutions for server-side rendering, not all are created equally and as such, your mileage may vary depending on your implementation. Beyond that, as many headless setups and SPA / web applications are bespoke, you’re likely missing some obvious SEO fundamentals that can have a big impact on visibility.

It might sound like an insurmountable task, but well-executed JS functions carry huge user benefits and allow for complex features a static webpage simply cannot. Instead of shying away from the world of JavaScript, we’re here to make your ambitions a reality.

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Our Approach to JavaScript SEO

Our technical SEO consultants run JavaScript SPA consultancy as a multi-part project, first diagnosing and recommending the technical solutions, then further deep-diving into your web app architecture.

Even whilst we’re working together on the server-side rendering fix, we’ll also be using our tech and expertise to pull and locally render your app pages, whilst providing codebase improvements for the benefit of SEO so you can rapidly improve your SEO rankings.

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