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SEO for Site Migrations

Helping your site retain and grow traffic through a migration process

SEO needs to be a consideration for any site migration, whether it’s a change in domain, a brand new website, a re-platforming of CMS or a smaller reskin project.

What’s involved in our site migration service?

A comprehensive site migration checklist forms the backbone of the service, ensuring that we cover all of the most important aspects of a migration. With different sites come different challenges, so we will adapt the basic checklist to make sure it fits your requirements. We can work on-site migrations as a one-off project or as part of a longer retainer. The process is divided into four parts:

Kick Off & Discovery

We like to be involved from the earliest stage of the process. We will set up a discovery meeting with you to establish the project’s objectives, and introduce you to our extensive migration checklist to ensure that everyone’s responsibilities are clear.

Migration projects can carry an element of risk and we recognise that technical issues can sometimes occur even after launch. Our monitoring phase allows us to continue pinpointing opportunities and site improvements sooner rather than later.

Our process in the planning phase largely involves interaction with your staging site ensuring it’s best prepared, from an SEO perspective, to launch. It includes on-page optimisation recommendations, along with site structure and redirect mapping.

Monitoring & Reports

Our post-launch checks extend to a month after the launch, ranging from a thorough review of the site immediately after launch to in-depth performance reporting when we have had time to gather a few weeks of data.

Our site migration SEO services

Site migrations are critical steps in the continued growth of a business’s online presence but they’re not risk-free.

Impression’s site migration SEO service is designed to ensure that you preserve as much of your organic traffic as possible in the short-term and set yourself up for long-term growth. We’re happy to work on-site migrations as one-off projects or as part of a longer retainer. Longer-term work allows us to monitor progress and make future recommendations based on a more comprehensive dataset, but we’re happy to work to a timeframe that makes sense for your business.



What kinds of site migrations do we work with?

Impression’s site migration SEO process is applicable to any activity that involves changing the structure of an existing website to the extent that a staging site is required.

That activity could be anything from restructuring a handful of subfolders, all the way up to a new website build. If an activity doesn’t require a staging site, we recommend handling it as part of a wider SEO project or retainer.


Reporting and post-launch performance

It’s normal for rankings to fluctuate in the weeks following a site migration.

Our process is designed to mitigate any negative effects but some changes are unavoidable during the period in which Google is crawling and indexing your new pages. This period of fluctuation is why it’s crucial for a site migration project to involve performance reporting for at least a month after the changes, although it can take as long as 3 months for everything to return to normal following a big site migration.

Before the migration, we will start tracking a list of business-critical keywords so that we can see daily rankings following the launch. Our reports will also incorporate data from Google Analytics and Search Console to show you a complete picture of the migration’s effects over time.

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