PPC and paid advertising can be a highly effective and highly targeted means of reaching your audience online.

It’s also a marketing discipline that lends itself to a more scientific approach. And that’s where we come in.

As a Google Premier Partner and Bing accredited agency, Impression has earned a reputation as a data-driven and results-focused PPC agency. We invest in our own tools as well as industry leading tools to enable us to extract data about your campaigns and use it to guide the allocation of budget and the use of ad content moving forward.

Our team of PPC experts works closely with our development teams to build intelligent scripts that enables a programmatic approach to paid advertising across a range of channels.

As well as Google AdWords, we are specialists in display advertising, Google Shopping, mobile advertising, video advertising, Bing ads and a range of social media advertising platforms. 

For us, the success of a paid advertising campaign lies in the ROI it delivers. Starting with an understanding of your business and your goals, we set ambitious ROI targets for ourselves and achieve them time and again for our clients. 

We provide PPC and advertising services from our base in Nottingham to businesses locally, nationally and globally. Get in touch to discuss your project with us.



A scientific approach to paid search advertising

Online pay-per-click advertising isn’t rocket science, and it isn’t intangible either. We’re not in the business of guessing – we only make data-driven decisions. This way, we can ensure that our account management is the best that it can be.

We champion a scientific approach to PPC management, using principles of mathematics, user testing and intelligent data analysis to inform our decisions and get the best return on your investment.

We’re never satisfied with the boundaries set by Google, or any other advertising platform for that matter. If we have an unsolvable issue with a particular campaign, we’ll build ourselves a new script to work around it.

Whilst our account management, reporting and performance analysis takes into account every aspect of the campaign, our primary focus will always be return on investment. We take the time to understand your business and its profit margins, and apply this methodically.

PPC Scripts

Your PPC investment should deliver a positive return. The secret to success lies in intelligent allocation of budget. Our custom scripts are built to automate data intelligence and improve efficiency of management.

As a full service agency, Impression has an in-house team of developers that work closely with our PPC team to build custom scripts. So if Google or Bing can’t provide us the functionality we need, we’ll build it ourselves, meaning we can work more efficiently and more effectively on your account, making those changes that have a big impact on your bottom line.

About Paid Search Advertising

At its most basic, PPC, or paid search marketing, guarantees your company a prominent position on the search engine results page for chosen keywords. In return, you pay only when someone clicks through to your site.

A well structured and managed campaign will deliver a strong ROI because you directly control how much you spend, and in which areas.

The two main search engines, Google and Bing, both run PPC advertising programmes. For Google it’s AdWords, for Bing (also the default for both Yahoo! and Microsoft) there’s Bing Ads. Both work in a similar way – you select the keywords or phrases and how much you’re willing to pay, and they feature your search listing for the duration of your campaign.

Businesses just like yours are already using PPC to get found. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you beat the competition.

Your PPC Healthcheck

How well is your current PPC investment performing for you?

PPC is arguably the most quantifiable digital marketing technique. By undertaking in-depth analysis, we’re able to identify areas of wasted spend and also opportunities for growth.

Of course, the value of your PPC campaigns is dependent on a wide range of factors. Whether you’re managing your PPC in-house or using an agency, we can provide a review of how well the account is performing and where we see the key areas for growth and improvement. Get in touch to find out more.

Our Approach

PPC can be a very lucrative channel, and the quantifiable data it provides enables smart advertisers to capitalise on performance history. Because it’s all about balancing your budget against the return on your investment, when your PPC campaigns are managed effectively they can grow at equal returns.

Getting the most out of your budget means investing not only money but also time in the ongoing management of the account. Adding negative keywords, setting up time based rules, running scripts to optimise your spend and much much more goes into keeping your campaign profitable.

We’ll advise you on the best channels to invest in and manage those campaigns on your behalf.

If you would like to discuss paid media management for a company in any area of the UK, then please call us or get in touch here.

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PPC Tools: PPC Permutation Tool

If you’re managing a PPC account it’s highly likely you’ve spent quite a bit of your time coming up with various different permutations of your keywords to target. For example, if we wanted to target an ad at ‘PPC Nottingham’ we might targeted ppc nottinghamnottingham PPCnottingham PPC agencyPPC agency nottinghamnottingham PPC management and so on.

We love to develop our own tools to make our own processes more efficient and, where possible, we like to share those with you.

The Impression PPC permutation tool allows you to input a series of key terms and it will, as if by magic, give you a full list of all of the permutations of those terms. Easy!

Have a go, here:

PPC Permutation Tool by Impression

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