Bespoke scripts created on a client-by-client basis

Intelligent budget distribution is key to ensuring your campaigns deliver positive returns. Our PPC team works closely with our in-house developers to create custom scripts which automate data intelligence and improve efficiency of management. If we can’t solve a campaign issue within Google’s range of functionality, we’ll build a new script to work around it. Our commitment to innovative use of PPC scripts means that our paid media management is as efficient and effective as possible. Get in touch to discuss how our scripts could help your online marketing, or read on to find out more.


How do we use scripts?

We run Google scripts at both MCC level or Account level, depending which is best for your campaign. These scripts can be scheduled to run automatically, as often as hourly or as little as once a month. Using scripts to automate some aspects of campaign management, we can streamline your marketing campaigns to achieve the best results for your business goals.


We have a range of scripts which can be used to generate performance reports as well as providing detailed performance tracking. Everything from budget allocation to monitoring KPIs can be optimised through intelligent use of our bespoke dashboard scripts, designed to suit your business needs.

Example scripts:

– Automated performance reports

– Anomaly detector


We can use automated scripts alongside manual auditing to determine how best to distribute your budget. After consulting a budget tracking script, we can implement a bidding script custom designed to adapt your bids in order to maximise ROI.

Example scripts:

– ROAS bidding

‘Added by AdWords’ auto-pauser


Our scripts are designed to provide useful insight into the continued success of your campaign. By consulting the results of these scripts, we can identify particular areas of campaign success as well as areas of improvement.

Example scripts:

– Search query mining tool

– Quality score log

Do you have a unique problem a bespoke script could solve?

There are so many opportunities for your marketing campaign to improve through the use of scripts. To find out how our PPC scripts could help your business, or to discuss your existing scripts and how we can improve them, get in touch today.

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