Advertising online isn’t limited to placement on the search results pages themselves as it is in Paid Search and Google Shopping. The Google Display network, including YouTube, enables businesses to display their adverts across a range of relevant, authoritative sites – as long as those sites have opted into the display scheme. And beyond this we have access to the entire Google Marketing Platform suite with full access to programmatic display and video advertising through DV360 so we can help you reach new audiences through custom audience definitions and integrations.

We’re big fans of display networks here at Impression. Not only do click/view costs tend to be lower, there are lots of opportunities to show you ad to an audience that is highly engaged in your industry, by selecting the websites to display on carefully.

As a Google Partner agency, we’re accredited by Google for our management of paid media campaigns; get in touch to discuss how we can help you make more of display advertising.

How it works

Through display advertising, you can:

Display advertising can be run through a number of ad networks, including the Google Display Network via Google Ads or Google MArketing Platform DV360. We’ll work with you to choose the websites you want your advert to be shown on, or let the networks automatically choose for you based on the products you’re trying to sell or the audience you’re wanting to sell to.

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Display advertising enables you to reach a wider, though still highly targeted, audience and by working with us, you'll have all your display advertising services in one place. Get in touch to find out more.