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Creative Content Campaigns

Invest in larger scale creative content campaigns & capitalise benefit from greater returns, more links and a broader set of KPIs

Creative content campaigns are a common tactic within digital PR. What we’re talking about here is the kind of stuff you see in awards nominations or shouted about at conferences. It’s the kind of campaign that often has an asset at its core, a level of interactivity is possible and – when done well – it can capitalise on a broader set of KPIs, beyond link building, too. With an in-house design team, a PR team comprising ex-journalists, traditional PRs and SEOs, and a network of development partners – plus the ability to work with your in-house team – Impression is your perfect partner for high return creative content campaigns to suit a wide range of budgets and audiences.

Creative content campaign services

Choose Impression as your agency partner and you can make use of our full suite of creative content services, or use us to support your own internal team.


Our team comprises ex-journalists, traditional PRs, SEOs and UX specialists, all of whom have an extensive knowledge of the media, content marketing and audience understanding. We’ll work closely with you to come up with ideas that suit your goals and reflect your brand.

Graphic Design / UX

Our UX designers will bring the idea to life. That means working closely with your team to understand any brand guidelines and constraints, while also being trained in media relations in order to create content that reflects your business while not being overly salesy.

Promotion Planning

We recognise that the benefits of a creative content campaign are much further reaching that solely acquiring new backlinks to your domain (though this, of course, is important). We will work with you to capitalise on the broader set of benefits by advising on wider marketing activity.

Project Briefing / Management

Our project managers will help scope out your project, ensure all requirements are captured and utilise appropriate aspects of the Agile methodology to streamline production. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the content captures your requirements while also serving promotional needs.


Development of the creative concept might be just a small part of the project, such as in cases where the content itself has limited functionality. Or, it could play an integral role in ensuring a tool or other interactive style of piece works as it should. Our team of developers are specialists in creative content development.

Outreach / Link Building

Our digital PR specialists will be heavily involved in the project throughout and are responsible for its promotion to the press. We’ll build media lists, identify the appropriate journalists and conduct all outreach activity, aligning our link building goals with your wider business aims.

Why invest in creative content campaigns?

A creative content campaign has the potential to attract high numbers and quality of links, thanks to the presence of an on-site asset and, typically, a level of interactivity or engagement to which journalists are happy to send their readers.

For a creative content campaign to work, then, it requires a combination of media knowledge and also a solid understanding of the target audience of the content itself – namely, your target customer/persona.

This is where we see the main reason for an investment in this style of campaign. While the benefits of link acquisition should certainly not be underplayed (and, indeed, are an integral part of any SEO or online strategy), the ability of these campaigns to engage with users is where the doors open to a much broader set of benefits.

The benefits you might see from creative content campaigns are far reaching and include:

  • Link building
  • PR coverage
  • Referral traffic
  • Audience building (trackable for remarketing)

As an asset, your creative campaign becomes even more valuable; for example, when used as a top-of-funnel asset for something like a paid social media campaign, your creative content is compelling, engaging and helps to identify a wider set of audience members likely to go on to invest in your product or service.

So, while a larger scale creative campaign might carry a heavier investment, we believe it should also carry a larger return – by achieving more links and a broader set of KPIs.

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