Local PR is great for local businesses just as it is for national companies looking to broaden their appeal.

Being local can mean various things, too. From a PR perspective, we know that there is plenty of regional press and achieving coverage therein can come from a national campaign with local angles, through to a campaign crafted specifically for a local area.

Local PR also ties in neatly to local SEO; this recognises that achievement of high visibility for short tail queries is challenging but often exploration of long tail queries such as localised versions of a term can deliver great rewards.

Our PR specialists work closely with our SEO team to understand the opportunities and to drive local visibility through local links and coverage. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with us.

What to expect from local PR campaigns

The purpose of local campaigns is more often than not to drive local search rankings or improve broader local visibility.

Typically, our local PR campaigns run in one of two ways:

  1. We run a national campaign with multiple regionalised angles
  2. We run a campaign specific to a single region

Our methods are dependent on your needs and budget. Oftentimes, option 1 makes the most sense for our clients because multiple areas can be reached at once or with one campaign. Option 2 is most logical though if your business only operates in one area.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and to get the most value possible out of your PR budget.

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