As one of the world’s most used content management systems, WordPress is a popular choice amongst businesses seeking a flexible solution to their website development needs. Taking that flexibility and performance to the next level, Enterprise WordPress is becoming the default option for bigger brands and those with aspirations for high growth.

Our Enterprise WordPress solution harnesses the ready-made software solution, backed by the largest Content Management System (CMS) community in the world, combined with a modern approach to web application development.

This approach allows us to build on WordPress as a scalable application framework, capable of anything from lead generation websites through to large multilingual ecommerce stores hosting thousands of products.

We choose WordPress as our platform of choice, as it allows our clients to avoid vendor-specific lock-in and a lower total cost of ownership due to the non-existent licensing fees.

In addition to the industry standard features that makes WordPress a CMS of choice, our development team is able to rapidly extend the application’s feature set, providing a bespoke solution to meet your objectives.

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WordPress as a modern web application

In our Enterprise WordPress package, the entire codebase is version controlled and all extensions, plugins and third party software development kits (SDKs) are included as code dependencies. This approach is widely considering best practice for large development teams and plays well with additional code build processes and web services.

Due to the nature of this methodology, Impression produces applications that can be scalable across multiple servers and regions and also utilises best practice software deployment, such as continuous deployment with integrated testing.

As standard, our WordPress websites come with additional search engine optimisation and security considerations.

How could an Enterprise WordPress deployment benefit you?

Features of Enterprise WordPress

Search Engine Optimisation

As an award winning digital marketing agency, we fully understand any standard WordPress search engine optimisation limitations and have overcome these with our enterprise solutions. We install best-in-class optimisation software as well as configuring browser caching, file minification, 404 monitoring, URL redirection and the ability to mass edit page meta data.


WordPress, like all other popular software packages, has in the past experienced security issues. Impression’s approach to Enterprise WordPress removes and obfuscates elements of WordPress which may be deemed vulnerable to attack through the build process and extends core features through more robust security modules including advanced one-way encryption. We also complete full code reviews of unfamiliar plugins which may be requested.

Global coverage

WordPress is no longer a small blogging platform. Today, it is used by large FTSE companies and startups alike. In fact, it nwo powers over 25% of the top ten million sites worldwide (Source: Builtwith).

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