Feed optimisation is all about ensuring your PPC ads are given the best chances of being displayed at the time the searcher is most ready to buy. Any investment in feed optimisation should therefore result in a tangible increase to your bottom line, delivering more impressions, higher click through rates and, ultimately, more sales.

The approach we take to feed optimisation here at Impression is threefold:

  1. We review your feed to ensure it meets the platform’s specifications – for example, if you’re advertising on Google Shopping, we’ll make sure your feed meets Google’s requirements
  2. We’ll incorporate addition features within your feed which will boost its chances of being served at the right time, to the right person – for example, we’ll use custom labels and additional feed attributes
  3. We’ll start testing things such as messaging, imagery, feed rules and so on to make your feed as effective as it can be – this is a constant iteration process that refines and improves your feed scientifically for best results

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A three tiered approach to feed optimisation

Feed optimisation is an incredibly powerful technique that – when done well – will enable you to get more ‘bang for your buck’ when advertising through paid media platforms including Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook and Google AdWords (Google Ads).

At the core of any feed optimisation project is a process that starts by getting the basics in place, and builds out to a more test-driven approach to refinement and improvement. Here at Impression, we’ve refined our own approach to feed optimisation to a point where we can easily identify where your business currently sits along that process, and start working on the things that are going to deliver results from day one.

Our approach is broadly split into three main areas:

Feed Setup

This is where we set the foundations for your feed’s success. Depending on the platform you’re advertising on, there are clear specifications of the requirements of that platform, to which you must adhere in order for your ads to show.

We’ll review your feed, identify any missing requirements and work with you to get it to a point where it fulfils all of those requirements.

Feed Expansion

Just as SEOs use tools such as schema markup to help Google better understand their web pages, anyone investing in advertising through a feed has the option to add additional attributes to that feed to help improve its presence and prominence in the SERPs.

We’ll identify the added value components that will expand your feed by adding specificity and therefore increasing the chances of your ad appearing at the point the user is most likely to buy.

Feed Refinement

By this point, we’ve laid the foundations for your feed’s success by meeting the basic requirements and then taking those to the next level.

The final part of the puzzle is to start testing and then refining elements such as ad messaging, use of photos, custom rules, scripts and so on. This is where we really start driving things like conversion rate improvements, and is where we can take a very scientific approach to making more of your existing budget.

Innovation through technology

Innovation is an important part of how we work. By working closely with our development team in particular, we’ve been able to create tools which make your PPC campaigns more efficient and more effective.

Work with Impression, and your feeds will benefit from our bespoke tools and scripts that automatically make beneficial improvements across your ads. This innovation through technology means we can achieve more in less time, meaning you’ll see greater results, faster.

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