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As the RankUp podcast reaches double figures, we welcome Ian Humphreys back for his Knowledge Panel interview.

With over 10 years of agency experience behind him, Ian has recently started developing Impression’s site migration offering. Site migrations can be huge projects that have a major impact on organic performance, and most SEOs will have to work through them at some point. It was the perfect topic to get Ian’s thoughts on.

Over the course of Ian’s interview, we cover questions like:

  • What do we mean by ‘site migration’?
  • When would you recommend (or not recommend) a site migration?
  • How do you manage your involvement in the project and communication between different parties?
  • What are some of the common SEO pitfalls to watch out for?
  • What do you do if your site has a drop in rankings following a migration?

Ian speaks on all those topics and more in an interview that we think SEOs across all industries and backgrounds will find really helpful.

We also recommend looking out for more site migration material from Ian, who’s been working on a project migration template that anyone can use.

To keep up with Ian, you can find him on Twitter: @IanHumph. Edd and I are also on Twitter at @BenJGarry and EddJTW.

We’re excited to say that our first external guest will be appearing on the podcast next month! Look out for Kevin Kapezi of Experian, who’ll be talking to us about in-house B2B SEO.

Ben Garry

Content Specialist

Ben is a Senior Content Specialist in Impression’s SEO team. He helps clients stand out through on-page optimisation and original, high-quality content. In his spare time, Ben can usually be found playing a board game or reading a comic.

Ben has specialist knowledge in SEO and On Site Content.

Edd Wilson

Head of SEO Strategy

Head of SEO Strategy at Impression. Edd loves innovation around organic search and has a strong passion for growth marketing. Edd also loves music production, dogs and ramen.

Edd has specialist knowledge in SEO and Technical SEO.

Ian Humphreys

Senior Technical SEO Specialist

Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Impression with over 10-years experience. Nottingham born with a love for creative technical SEO, digital strategy, animals and plants.

Ian has specialist knowledge in SEO and Technical SEO.