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White paper

SEO Rankings Factors for Fashion Ecommerce

    With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing brands to sell online, competition between fashion ecommerce sites is more intense than ever. It’s vital that fashion brands level up their digital marketing strategies to compete in the online space – and for many businesses, this could mean re-evaluating their approach to SEO.

    This Impression research examines which SEO ranking factors are most important for fashion ecommerce sites. Working with clients in a wide range of industries and verticals, we understand the need to prioritise certain considerations above others based on the business context in question. The tactics and strategy we’d employ for a law firm’s lead generation site would differ considerably from those we’d use for a clothing brand’s ecommerce site.

    Investigating 100 top fashion ecommerce sites, we’ve analysed the relationships between 26 organic performance metrics and ranking factors across content, technical, and off-page SEO. We found some strong positive correlations, which should help brands to orient their SEO strategies by identifying areas that are particularly crucial for sites within the fashion industry.

    Just to whet your appetite, some of the findings are outlined below:

    • Fashion ecommerce sites with active blogs saw 277% more traffic on average than those without a recently updated blog.
    • Contrary to expectations, there was no correlation between mobile-friendliness and organic rankings within this group of 100 sites.
    • Extended Validation SSL certificates are a must-have for fashion ecommerce sites (find out why in the white paper).

    Based on the performance of these 100 sites across the various organic performance metrics and ranking factors, we’ve also devised a scoring system to determine which can be considered the top fashion ecommerce sites in the group. You can find the full results of this scoring process in the white paper itself, along with an explanation of how we’ve collected the data and the methodology we used. For those interested in the statistics underpinning this research, the appendix contains the full details of all statistical tests that were carried out.

    To read the full white paper, download it now.


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