Quizzes have long been a format favoured by digital PRs and content marketers alike as a method of gaining audience engagement and creating newsworthy, data-led hooks.

The idea of a quiz for digital PR is simple; create a newsworthy quiz in itself, promote it, gain coverage from it and then use the data it gathers to create new stories. Simple, right?

Well, no. A good digital PR quiz requires full immersion in the media landscape, an in depth knowledge of the audience and the ability to craft the logic that leads to a positive experience for everyone.

It can be as simple as a Google form or as complex as a large scale, interactive quiz created bespoke for you. Here at Impression, our team of PR, design and development specialists have created PR quizzes that have reached tens of thousands of people. Get in touch to discuss your next project with us, or read on for more information.

What to expect from a digital PR quiz

Here at Impression, we’re big believers in story first, format second. But where the appropriate format is a quiz, it can be a lot of fun – and generate far broader benefits for your business than link building alone.

There are plenty of examples out there. Our Lazy Scale on behalf of our client Great Bean Bags was a great tool for engaging the target audience and – after featuring in The Mirror – it gained over 30,000 completions (and a whole bunch of links, too!).

Not only that, but it gave our client 30,000 new people to speak to through remarketing activity, and organic traffic via the tool’s own rankings.

So if you’re a fan of data-driven stories and headlines like “99% of digital PR professionals love quizzes”, get in touch with us today!

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Why use a quiz for digital PR?

Quizzes are a great tool to support digital PR efforts. This is because a quiz can both generate engagement through the quiz itself, and news hooks via the quiz responses you gain.

How are digital PR quizzes created?

There are various platforms that facilitate the quick creation of quizzes. If you wanted a fully branded piece, a greater investment would be required but the benefits of brand engagement would be more, too. Whatever the format, the content should be driven by the potential news hooks.

Why are on-site assets important?

On-site assets like quizzes are important in digital PR because they give journalists a valid reason to link to your website. These days, it’s getting increasingly difficult to earn links and a strong on-site asset like a quiz is link-worthy.