Data journalism and the use of data in news stories is a pretty surefire way of getting your content into news publications. That’s because data is (usually) underpinned by fact and when we creativity utilise our own data or that of others, we can make something genuinely useful / insightful / interesting.

Here at Impression, our team of PRs, ex journalists and ex SEOs loves data and regularly uses data sources for PR news stories and visualisations.

Whether you know this is a format you want, or you simply want to explore how we can help you generate more links and digital PR coverage, get in touch today.

What to expect from a data based PR campaign

Data is a great asset to any PR campaign. Perhaps you have data in your own business that we could use; anything from sales data to trends insights to reports you’ve run and more can help create newsworthy stories that achieve press coverage and links.

If you don’t have data of your own, that’s no problem! We have utilised a wide range of data sources, from the ONS to global reports to FOI (freedom of information) requested data that has enabled us to create hugely successful campaigns that effective make ‘news from nothing’.

We also like to create lots of different visualisation formats. Maps can be great for regionalised data but with our in-house design expertise, we’ve done a lot more beside that, too.

And because data driven campaigns often reveal insightful information, we regularly make us of the topics within to land thought leadership style placements too. So it’s a great campaign format to help you really build up your backlink profile.

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