The client

Great Bean Bags is a British manufacturer of bean bags of all shapes and sizes with an established ecommerce store. Their target audience includes both B2B and B2C, to whom they sell stock products and bespoke items.



The challenge

Great Bean Bahs were investing in paid search advertising to boost their sales but seeing little return, and their organic rankings were suffering after their exact-match domain name fell in value. They started working with Impression’s PPC and SEO teams to drive improved online visibility, web traffic and sales, with a view to:

  • Deliver an improved return on investment through paid advertising channels
  • Improve rankings for key terms in organic search
  • Engage with B2B and B2C audiences
  • Drive transaction number and revenue increases through their ecommerce store
  • Return the website to a top 10 ranking position for ‘bean bag’ after a significant drop prior to working with Impression

The strategy

When we started working with Great Bean Bags, their traffic was essentially 2/3 less YOY, giving us reason to believe there had been poor practices in the past affecting their rankings and visibility.

We therefore conducted a thorough inbound link review for the site. Though no formal penalty had been received, Great Bean Bags had fallen off the top pages of the SERPs for a key phrase ‘bean bags’ and it was essential we understand why. We found a high number of spam links which were negatively impacting search rankings and to date, have disavowed a large number of spam domains.

With the spam links removed, we were able to move forward, looking next at the technical implementation of the site, which is built on ecommerce platform Magento. We conducted a technical audit to ensure the site was being crawled and indexed efficiently and effectively.

A common problem with Magento websites is that products appearing in multiple categories can cause duplicate content issues, and this was happening here. Through a process of canonicalisation and reorganisation, we have been able to remove the duplicate content issues, thereby removing another potentially rank-reducing factor for our client.

Next, we worked on the on-page optimisation of the site, which had thin and sometimes no content across a number of key landing pages. Our job, via keyword research, was to give every page on the site a clear purpose so each would rank for a term that would attract traffic and increase conversions.

We’ve optimised the existing content on the site and also recommended a number of pages to target important terms that weren’t otherwise ranking. One example of this is the new ‘bean bags’ page which negates the issue of the company’s exact match domain losing value and has so far helped them move back into the SERPs for the term ‘bean bags’, for which they now rank on page one.

Off-page optimisation is an essential component of any SEO project. Building links to a site shows Google how valuable and authoritative that site is, and gives it a reason to rank the site higher in the SERPs. As with many ecommerce businesses, Great Bean Bags were unsure of how to build links without giving away their (reasonably expensive) product free of charge.

However, the practice of building links through payment is not conducive to long-term success, so we recommended a series of strategies including a focus on the student market, on business and on manufacturing that has driven a series of high-quality links in an ethical manner.

The results

Ranking improvements across key terms plus

increase in revenue
increase in transactions
increase in ecommerce conversion rate

“The results we’ve achieved in just 6 months of working with Impression have been excellent. Our sales are up across consumer and commercial customers and the average order value is up too.”

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