The client

E-Days is a market leading absence management software provider, they aim to offer a global solution that saves businesses both time and money that is associated with processing employee absences. The Nottingham based business works with some of the world’s biggest brands and has won several awards.



The challenge

The business is funded and has high growth aspirations, and didn’t think external agencies could achieve required results. Previous agency efforts were falling short of expectations.

Our challenges were to;

  • Attract at least 50 leads/month 
  • Achieve this through more diverse traffic quality (less brand) 
  • Increase exposure across Microsoft Ads 
  • Reduce blended CPA to below £150 


The strategy

1) Campaign Consolidation

When management began, there were 84 campaigns in the account, all targeting similar keywords, with multiple instances of keyword overlap

2) Using Data Density to power bidding strategies and increasing lead count

Campaign consolidation gives the opportunity for more data dense campaigns, allowing more efficiency and optimisation when using automated strategies. 

Instead of having 2+ campaigns focusing on a match type each, having one campaign with both match types may not necessarily have an immediate impact on total impressions, but by giving bidding strategies and other automated process more of that traffic data in a single location, it helps with the efficiency of how these are run. 

3) Consideration of the capabilities of different channels

Microsoft Ads is not as up-to-date as Google when it comes to efficient use of data and automated strategies, so must be approached with a different strategy. This made more use of granular build outs and practices that may have been considered at a different point in the history of Paid Search.

4) Landing page optimisation

In addition to the above account structuring, landing page split tests were initially set up so as to send as much traffic as possible to the page structure with increasing conversion rates. 

The results

As a result of our work on this campaign, Impression has been shortlisted for Paid Search Campaign of the Year in the UK 2020 Biddable Media Awards

The results shown below cover a period from February 2019 - November 2019.

leads per month
blended CPA

"Impression have helped us achieve ambitious targets with a unique and adaptive strategy. They strive for innovation in what is a competitive landscape on an ever-adapting channel. Highly recommend."

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