The client

Bioflow is an online retailer of magnetic therapy products. Ranges include lifestyle products designed to help those with pain and mobility issues, Sport wristbands to improve athlete performance and injury recover, as well as pet products to support pets with mobility issues.

Their target audience is broad and diverse, while their knowledge is very high in this niche area of expertise.

Bioflow is also an SEO client of Impression.



The challenge

Bioflow already had good brand awareness, particularly in Western Australia, with high-footfall carousels in shopping centres and a number of well-known sporting ambassadors. However, there was no digital strategy to accompany this. They approached Impression to deliver both an organic (SEO) strategy and a PPC strategy; this case study relates specifically to the PPC element.

Our objectives were to:

  • Increase revenue by at least 200%
  • Achieve a highly profitable ROAS
  • Launch PPC campaigns in the existing Australian market, as well as enter the UK market
  • Raise awareness of Bioflow products among pet owners, sportspeople, and arthritis sufferers

The strategy

Magnetic bracelets often stir up heavy debate, with many potential customers initially skeptical about their benefits. Therefore, we knew our strategy had to use search query data and audiences insights to monitor intent. We therefore came up with a 3-fold strategy:

1/ Search Query Filtering

  • In both search and shopping, we segmented keywords/queries by high intent searches. These included brand / models, specific products, and also ‘question’ searches (such as “what is magnetic therapy”)

2/ Audience Layering

  • We then layered RLSAs into the campaign in order to bid more aggressively for returning users.
  • We used this as a way of ‘qualifying’ our users before deciding on the appropriate bid to set.
  • For example, a user searching for “magnetic therapy” isn’t very likely to convert. However, if we know they’ve previously visited through the keyword “magnetic bracelet”, we can ensure the users gets visibility by introducing an increased bid.

All of the above allows us to apply budget applied on priority basis to different phases of user journey.

3/ We used Google Display Remarketing to compliment the ‘top of funnel’ searchers

The results

Comparing Jan-Jun 2017 to Jul-Dec 2017 (when Impression adopted campaigns):

increase in PPC revenue
increase in PPC sales
return on advertising spend (ROAS)
return on advertising spend on Australia campaigns

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