A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a scientific comparison of two different versions of the same web page to see which one converts more visitors. The goal is to make small changes on a page that increase its ability to earn money from existing visitors.

A/B testing is at the core of our CRO (conversion rate optimisation) service. It is one of the most effective ways to test different means of increasing a site’s conversion rate without adversely affecting other aspects of your site’s performance.

Using Google Analytics and heatmapping to identify where to start

A/B testing can make a difference across multiple pages of a site, but it’s helpful to start on the worst performing pages, as these are the places where the most potential revenue is being lost.

We will analyse your site’s user journeys and conversion funnel with Google Analytics and other tools to determine which pages have the worst conversion rates, or which pages customers are ‘dropping off’ without converting. We can then use heatmaps to identify why these pages might not be performing so well, which will give us a place to start the testing.

Multivariate vs A/B testing

Another phrase you’ll see come up in relation to CRO is multivariate testing, a methodology that is similar to A/B testing, but not the same. A/B tests involve individual experiments, each looking at one changed element, whereas multivariate tests involve larger experiments that test variations of multiple elements, often involving over 20 simultaneous test pages. A/B testing is the quickest way to refine a particular element, while multivariate tests allow you to see which elements have the biggest overall impact when changed.

We don’t see these two methodologies as mutually exclusive. Instead, we see them as complementary types of CRO experiment with different functions in the website optimisation process. It is as important to be able to discern which test type is needed in a given situation as it is to actually carry out the test successfully.

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