The theory

The current advice for people wanting to invest in content is hugely varied and in terms of measurement, it is a minefield. Content marketers are currently picking and choosing how to measure each content piece respectively.

Content KPIs don’t actually exist. Its purpose is to heighten the performance of a different marketing channel, as it is a tactic to boost certain aspects of digital marketing.

Keyword volume tells you the numbers for every brand out there. Is this the same for all businesses? No.

The plan

  • Foundation: Understand user intent and the consumer journey.
  • SERP analysis: What is ranking currently, not just in terms of volume.
    • Featured snippet targeting and people also ask boxes.
    • Create better content and optimised pages than what already exists.
  • Questions: Answer these questions about how much traffic is needed, how feasible the SEO opportunity is and how many links are needed.

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