Our Story

Impression was founded by Aaron Dicks, then 21, and Tom Craig, then 26, in late 2012. At the time, Tom and Aaron were working in a large business in Nottingham and both had experience of managing marketing for large corporates and small agencies. 

Having struggled to find an agency partner that met their high standards, Tom and Aaron spotted a gap in the market for an agency which would truly integrate into a business’ marketing team and deliver tangible results to the business’ bottom line. 

Fast forward to today, we’re now a team over 50 members strong. We’ve upgraded our office a couple of times to now proudly work from Fothergill House in Nottingham, and have also opened a satellite office next to Borough Market, London, too. 

We offer a growing but considered set of services centered around helping businesses find more customers online. We’re not trying to be a ‘jack of all trades’, just masters of a few.


Our Purpose

Explore opportunities.
To grow. To be more. To be better.

We love discovering new opportunities and making the most of them in a measurable way. We help businesses like yours scale, reach new destinations and grow through the power of connecting your offer to the right customers.

Our Vision 

A world where aspiration is rewarded.
Our vision is to be the trusted partner that makes growth potential a reality.

Through our talented team, expertise and unique approach, we will continue to discover new ways to help you meet your goals. 

Our Mission

Push boundaries together.
With our clients. With our people. With our communities.

To achieve success we know we need to push boundaries together. We will apply our knowledge to explore new opportunities whilst supporting you with the challenges that growth can bring. We’ll do this and measure our impact on the communities and environments we operate within.

What makes Impression different?

What makes us unique is our approach. We use research, data and knowledge to discover and explore new opportunities to help you reach your goals. We are open to applying innovative, game-changing strategies and are truly passionate about helping your business along its journey to growth. 

Our ambition.

We have a drive and hunger to work with you to help you reach your desired destination.

Our skill.

We seek out information, using data and intelligence to understand the best ways we can add value to your business. 

Our personality. 

We are really passionate about what we do. As one of our clients, we enjoy getting to know you, understanding your industry and hearing your ambitions. 

Our Client Promise 

Our client relationships are built on transparency and trust and we’re committed to delivering value from day one of our partnership. We will actively seek to integrate with your team and build a collaborative partnership both can be proud of. 

Your account team will be introduced to you during month one and will consist of experts relevant to the target channels and the goals set for your account.

To ensure communication is smooth, we use a project management system that operates as a hub for all account communications, allowing us to monitor tasks, track time and send messages. We’ll invite you to join us on this system, with a team member from Impression on hand to give you a tour of the platform to help you get the most out of its features.

Reporting is bespoke to each client and we will agree preferred reporting metrics with you. You can expect to receive reporting from us on a monthly basis. 

In working together, we are already under strict non-disclosure agreements, which are then reflected in the contracts we have with our employees and suppliers. We are fully GDPR compliant across the business. 

Quarterly Business Review meetings are in place to review account performance, our strategic direction and to clarify goals and tactics for the coming quarter. We believe open and regular feedback is an important part of achieving success.

The Future

To live up to our purpose of being more and being better, we are actively working on Impression’s wider ‘impact’ with the medium term aim of becoming a Certified Benefit Corporation – or ‘B Corp’ for short. 

B Corps balance purpose and profit and are structurally compelled to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. It’s a community driving a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good, and it’s an ideal we really want to get behind.

We are working on several steps to achieve B Corp status. Some of these initiatives include:

Interested? Find out more

We’d love to discuss any of the services above with you.

We work with clients who know exactly what they want when they come to us, and with those who are not year clear and seek our help in crafting the digital strategy that will get them the results they need. No matter what stage you're at with your digital marketing, our team of experts can help you.