Powering over 30% of the world’s websites, WordPress is the CMS of choice for many of the brands we work with. Impression’s award-winning team designs, builds and manages both ecommerce and lead gen websites on WordPress – in fact, our own site is built on it, too!

Our scalable enterprise-ready WordPress solution is suitable for companies of any size – from large PLCs, SMEs through to funded startups. Our in-house design, development and project management team will guide you through our well-practised process to ensure you end up with a visually stunning website that’s backed by a powerful digital strategy.

Our design team incorporates user experience (UX) designers who will prototype user journeys based on your users’ needs. This process and our team’s expertise will ensure your website is user friendly and converts users to prospects through forms or checkout journeys.

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Performance WordPress web agency

Impression is a multi-award winning web agency that specialises in the delivery of high performance web campaigns. Our in-house design and development team builds WordPress websites for both lead gen and ecommerce businesses.

Naturally, we build mobile-first and employ best-in-class responsive web design techniques and test on a multitude of mobile and small form factor devices as well as popular laptops and more.

Impression’s WordPress solutions come with added security, stronger encryption and more functionality than off-the-shelf WordPress, but maintains the same portability that you’d expect from an Open Source solution.

Our team has refined a solid foundation for any project across both design and code libraries, meaning the billable time per project will not be spent only on bespoke work for your website.

As WordPress runs on the most popular web programming language, integrating CRMs, custom applications, databases or third party APIs is (relatively) painless. Contact our team today to learn more about your specific integration.

Why WordPress?

WordPress powers 30% of the web, and is used on over 60% of all content managed websites. You’re in good company!

As with all popular Open Source solutions, there is already a number of very useful and well-tested modules which are available off-the-shelf at low, or no costs. This means we push your specification further within your budgets, as no time is spent on re-building the same foundations from project to project.

Impression was founded by two ex in-house marketers, so ensuring a quality, good value delivery is always on our mind.

Popular WordPress requirements

The skilled team at Impression have built plenty of websites to know what makes clients tick. Here’s some features we know you’ll like:

Newsletter integrations

Work with our project manager to devise a GDPR-compliant email marketing strategy to ensure your website works harder for you. We integrate with all major ESPs.


Offer your visitors content in their local language and know that a leading SEO agency advises on the technical strategy, all included within the project costs.

Multisite installs

If you manage a dealership business or have similar requirements, we can help you build, deploy and manage a network of separate websites all controlled centrally.


If you’re looking to sell online through your WordPress store, you’ve found the right company.

Integrate your CRM

Reduce friction between Sales and Marketing by piping in leads in real time to your CRM through form integrations and control which extra user data you store for marketing purposes. We integrate all major CRMs

Build new modular pages

Our flexible approach to WordPress theme development means we deliver each project with many reusable modules. Use this to your advantage to content manage your own website without the constant need for new costly templates.

Expand your SEO strategy

We’re also an SEO agency so build sites with this in mind. We’ll advise you on architecture decisions likely to lead to enhanced organic traffic performance. We’ll also ensure you’re set up on Google’s Tag Manager and Analytics correctly for reporting.

Dynamic PPC landing pages

All paid media marketing professionals know that granular hyper-targeted campaigns are what perform the best, so we build in the flexibility for dynamic landing pages into your website where they’re required.

Performance WordPress websites

Not only is Impression an award-winning team for our results-driven digital marketing, we’re also a top UK Google Premier Partner and many of our senior team lecture and speak about digital marketing practices. When appropriate, all WordPress websites are paired with a thorough strategy led by this team, to ensure your investment achieves all of its objectives and more.

Backed by scalable hosting and global delivery

Impression’s premium WordPress website hosting is matched only by enterprise hosting companies. Backed by Amazon Web Service’s global infrastructure our testing, continuous integration, deployment and caching methodology means almost everything we host loads in under 1000ms.

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