Voice search optimisation is a developing area of on-page SEO. Assistant apps and devices are growing in popularity, making voice an increasingly important component of the broader organic search channel.

Impression’s voice search optimisation services are a part of our overarching on-page content offering. Many of the optimisation considerations for mobile and desktop search translate to voice, which means that a good strategy should lead to gains across all devices.

Voice Search Opportunity

The key difference between voice and visual search media is in the delivery of organic search results. Voice results are much narrower than their visual counterparts, with searchers often only given one result.

SEO strategies concerned solely with mobile and desktop search have a number of ways to gain visibility: regular rankings, answer boxes, People Also Ask results, knowledge panels, map packs, image results and more.

Success in voice, on the other hand, can only be achieved consistently by securing your website’s place as the sole authoritative source of information for your focus topics. When someone asks a question to their Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa device, they will often only listen to the first answer given. On a related note, the primary goal of voice search cannot be to drive more website traffic immediately, but instead to improve the perception of your brand as a leading provider of information in your sector.

Optimising for Voice Search

Voice search success is tied to overall organic success. In order for your content to be read by a voice assistant, you need to have secured the ranking positions they look for. In the case of the Google Assistant – one of the most important channels for voice search – you usually need to occupy the featured snippet position at the top of the search results page to stand a chance of appearing in voice search.

This means that good on-page optimisation is the fundamental requirement for voice success. Impression’s team of technical and content specialists will make sure that your pages are optimised and of sufficient quality to secure the positions needed to grow every organic search medium. Keyword targeting, content structure and structured data markup are just a few of the components that we will help you to get right.

Read our dedicated blog post – How to Optimise for Voice Search – for further insights from the Impression team.

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