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Mobile SEO

Optimise your business presence across mobile and tablet devices

Mobile SEO is critical for online success. Mobile search has been bigger than desktop for a number of years and presents businesses with unique challenges. When Google introduced mobile-first indexing in 2018, it became essential for every website with any SEO ambitions to pay attention to mobile performance. Impression works with businesses to ensure that their websites are as optimised for mobile as they are for desktop.

Mobile SEO Services

Google has clearly laid out its requirements for mobile. We’ll help you to get your website up to speed and identify opportunities to better engage with mobile users.

Technical Audit

Using a combination of Google’s own mobile-friendly test, Search Console insights, crawling tools and developer guidelines, we’ll assess the mobile-friendliness of your website and provide you and your development team instructions on how to meet Google’s mobile requirements.

Local Signals

If yours is a business which serves a local audience, we’ll implement technical changes such as schema markup to position your site for local users, ensure your NAP details are consistent and advice on further local SEO activity.

Content Review

Not all content is built for mobile users. We’ll review your website’s content – the text, the imagery, the videos, the graphics and so on – to identify which content works well already, which can be improved and which should be repurposed for mobile users.

Search Visibility

The mobile search landscape is complex, with features and trends that don’t overlap with desktop. We will maximise and monitor your visibility on different SERP features to ensure that your site claims visibility across different mobile and voice searches.

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