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A guide to digital marketing for charities and not for profits

    The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted businesses and economies across the globe in one way or another and charities and not-for-profit organisations were no exception. Charities had to deal with challenges such as face-to-face fundraising events being cancelled, donations reducing, grants being cut, charity shops having to shut and the majority of staff being placed on furlough or even facing redundancies in an effort to save cash. 

    Towards the end of 2020, 8 out of 10 charities believed that pandemic would negatively impact their ability to deliver on planned objectives with 1 in 10 fearing they would have no choice but to close within a year. However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel as new research is now revealing that COVID-19 had a more mixed impact on charities than previous headlines have suggested. The new research reveals an increased positivity among charities and for the first time during the pandemic, more organisations expect their short-term financial position to improve than to deteriorate. 

    In a survey conducted by NCVO, 92% of organisations stated that they had moved services online in the past year. To make sure your not for profit organisation can keep up with the increased presence of digital, our team of experts have created this training resource to help you to develop your own digital skillset, enhance your online strategy and connect with your audience. 

    Our advice in this white paper considers various budgets, and covers four key areas of digital marketing in depth;  Paid Social AdvertisingPaid SearchSearch Engine Optimisation and Digital PR.

    These practices can be used in bespoke ways to: grow your brand reach, increase awareness online, engage current audiences further and increase the number of new customers. This is particularly important for charities where their goals are to increase the number of donations, pivot to online fundraising activities, build a volunteer base and help to continue to operate and to stay financially viable. No matter how big or small you are as a charity at least one of these goals will be relevant to you.


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