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Snapchat Advertising

Reach younger demographics on the world’s fastest-growing social media app

Advertising on Snapchat is increasingly powerful, and its real potential is still to be realised. Snapchat has seen rapid growth – and is one of the most important apps among teenagers.

Snapchat Advertising Features

Younger generations can be difficult to reach through traditional advertising or even other paid social media channels. However, with the right ads on Snapchat, businesses enjoy high engagement rates. This combination makes Snapchat ideal if your target market is Gen Z or younger.

Ad Formats

Impression can help you make the most of Snapchat’s innovative mobile-only ad formats, including AR lenses and geo-filters.

You can also opt for Snap, Story, or Collection formats (among others) that make the most of Snpachat’s full-screen, mobile-only experience.

Ad Targeting

Snapchat offers a robust ad management system, with Ad Objectives, Pixels and Audience Targeting that will be familiar to anyone who’s run paid social ads before.

Ad objectives are designed to drive your objectives, from video views to website conversions.



Which businesses benefit from Snapchat advertising?

If your business wants to reach younger social media users, Snapchat ads should be a part of your strategy. Ads work best when they’re similar to native Snapchat content – so keep it short, and don’t be afraid to be silly. Some features work best for brick-and-mortar locations, such as geo-filters. Our specialists can help you work out how to maximise Snapchat’s advertising potential.

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