Facebook is the biggest name in paid social – and for good reason. Due to the nature of the platform and the data it collects from users, Facebook targeting options are almost infinitely detailed. This makes it an obvious choice for targeting new audiences based on interest, demographics, location, behaviour and more.

Once those new audiences have converted, Facebook ads can improve customer loyalty and repeat sales. We work with your data to create remarketing audiences to reach users that have previously engaged with your ads, been on your website or bought a certain product.

Facebook leads the way on innovation, constantly launching new tools to improve campaign performance. As a Facebook Marketing Partner Impression can test and adopt new features before they are rolled out, attend training events and communicate directly with Facebook for resources and troubleshooting.

We’ve helped both B2B and B2C businesses to reach their audience through Facebook and will happily advise you on whether or not this is the best channel for your brand.

Impression is proud to be a Facebook Marketing Partner. This badge is only awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and service.

Which businesses benefit from Facebook advertising?

With so many active users, Facebook ads are a great way for almost every business to interact with their customers. 

If you have a particularly niche product, or B2B service, Facebook ads can form a part of your paid media strategy. Businesses are formed of individuals, and many of your prospects can be reached in their downtime through remarketing.

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses that have benefitted from Facebook advertising campaigns, including ecommerce websites, service providers and travel brands. We’ll always be honest with you and show you a clear return on your investment. 

Create highly targeted Facebook campaigns today.

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Our highly experienced paid social specialists will advise you on the best channels, strategy and timeline for your business.

We can work alongside your team, or craft campaigns from end-to-end, from creating compelling advertising copy to visual asset creation through to daily ad management. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.