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Video & YouTube Advertising Agency

Leverage the power of video to connect with your audience online

Businesses of all sizes run search ads on Google Search and Bing (“PPC”). However only a small percentage of younger or smaller businesses advertise on YouTube, despite it being the world’s second-largest search engine. Beyond YouTube is a much wider pool of programmatic video advertising both on video platforms and in banner ads throughout the web.

Video Advertising Platforms

Video advertising campaigns can help you reach either known or new audiences across a format and platform not used by all advertisers. It’s an important part of the digital marketing mix however is typically used for targeted above the line or top of funnel brand activation campaigns rather than direct response – unless video remarketing is part of your strategy.

YouTube Video Campaigns

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, owned by Google. It’s powerful Google-owned platform is controlled via your standard Google Ads account, and offers similar targeting features such as in-market, interests, remarketing and affinity audiences, but also much more.

YouTube offers a variety of video advertising formats and campaign settings available including some where there’s no cost if the user skips the ad.

YouTube Google Ads campaigns are a great starting place for advertisers taking display and top of funnel, audience expansion campaign work more seriously.

Programmatic Video Campaigns

Where YouTube alone isn’t sufficient to reach your difficult-to-reach audience, we can leverage the Google Marketing Platform to run entirely programmatic video campaigns across the much wider ad inventory available to premium advertisers.

Along with additional and more targeted ad inventory (including TV), Google’s Demand-Side Platform DV360 allows placements across a wider range of niche 3rd party audience definitions, too.

Such audience definitions include viewing, listening and buying habits of users across music streaming platforms, video-on-demand viewership, newspaper readership, and other advanced in-market and demographic indicators.