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With Amazon being the largest marketplace online, it’s a key destination for all ecommerce retailers. It has also grown to become one of the worlds’ largest advertising platforms. Now, over 60% of product searches start on Amazon.

Impression operates Amazon ads across both Ads platforms – the Amazon Sponsored Ads PPC platform, and the Display Demand Side Platform (DSP for short).

Our Amazon Advertising and Marketing solution takes into account your product profitability, Buy Box presence, availability and you overall ROAD targets to produce an effective growth strategy for your business. Effective Amazon strategies monetise hero and high margin products, effectively expand product ranges, launch in new territories, cut wasted spend and passively or actively grown own-brand awareness through the platform.

All advertising strategies, whilst based on proven foundations, are bespoke and targeted to your ultimate business goals. If you have an existing store on Amazon and are looking to begin advertising, or you have an advertising account you’d like us to audit, please get in touch with our team.

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