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Shredall SDS

Document security company achieves 69% increase in conversions YoY

The Shredall SDS Group is one of the UK’s largest document security companies. Their core services include document shredding, document storage and document scanning. With over 20 years of industry experience, Shredall now operates out of multiple depots spread throughout the UK. However, they remain a family-run business at the core, with a commitment to friendly, personal customer care and excellent service.

The Challenge

Shredall’s goal is to continue their ambitious growth across the UK, aided by a strong marketing strategy. But they were clear that organic growth should not come at the cost of good leads. As we targeted greater numbers of organic visitors, we had to ensure that the website was also able to convert those visitors effectively. As a result, Impression was tasked with raising organic traffic, as well as improving conversion rates.

The Shredall SDS Group is a long-term client of Impression’s, which means that part of the challenge is finding ways to build upon the growth that we have already seen in previous years. Much of the opportunity in 2018 came from the introduction of GDPR, something that Shredall’s services relate to directly. It was crucial that Impression was able to align Shredall’s SEO strategy with the business’s preparation for GDPR to allow them to make the most of increased interest in security services around that time.

We also knew that the Shredall SDS Group would need a longer-term strategy to sustain them past the introduction of GDPR. Therefore, we aimed to not only position Shredall as a leader in GDPR solutions, but also to find new opportunities for growth that would prove fruitful later in the year.

The Strategy

Positioning Shredall as a leader in GDPR through on-page and off-page techniques

GDPR was a huge topic affecting the vast majority of British businesses. However, it also struggled with saturation, as many businesses tried to capitalise on the trend, making for highly competitive SERPs and high bounce rates when users couldn’t find the specific information they desired.

As such, we had to find a niche that would position our client positively and still make the most of the increased GDPR search potential in the run-up to the regulation change deadline in May.

Having achieved success in long tail targeting via our previously implemented ‘resource hub’, we decided to create a series of resource pages within the hub focusing on specific components of GDPR. The final keyword targets were tested first through PPC campaigns, which dictated that long tail targeting using informational content performed best and was therefore followed through in our organic work.

Off-page strategies also played an important role in raising awareness of the importance of Shredall’s document security services in light of GDPR. We therefore used digital PR techniques to gain relevant, quality coverage and links to the GDPR hub, which also contributed to overall domain authority improvements.

Identifying opportunities for growth beyond GDPR

While GDPR played a part in our strategy, it was important that we also invested in activity outside of that topic. We knew that the new regulations wouldn’t sustain such high levels of search potential in the long term.

We therefore looked for new growth opportunities in three primary places:

  • Updating optimisation of pages where keyword positions were between 3 and 10, knowing that a slight improvement could move them into the top positions and deliver marked traffic increases without too much work.
  • Revisiting existing content with refreshed keyword research to identify semantically related terms for which they could also rank, and updating content accordingly.
  • Identifying new keyword targets through competitor gap analysis, using STAT to identify the terms that were contributing to our competitors’ traffic but where Shredall were not visible or held low ranking positions.

We also implemented a blogging strategy which utilised what we call dual purpose content, where the content we produced had link-worthy attributes so we could outreach with them for new links. We have continued to add new pages to the site based on our client’s growing range of products and services.

The Results

The following results reflect the period of 1st September 2017 to 25th May 2018 vs the previous year:


increase in organic traffic year on year


increase in conversion rate year on year


increase in the number of conversions year on year

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