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The Robin Hood Fund

Driving Donations During the Covid-19 Crisis

The Robin Hood Fund is a charity launched in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Its aim is to raise funds to support Nottingham’s most vulnerable residents by supporting local organisations that can have the most impact.

The Challenge

The Robin Hood Fund needed to expand their reach and drive more donations, while of course keeping costs at a minimum. Our objective was to drive as many donations as possible.

Robin Hood Fund had run some Facebook advertising before, however their results were limited due to a lack of experience on the ads platform and time to manage the campaigns.

The Robin Hood Fund approached Impression initially for advice on how to spend an advertising grant, and this grew into full Facebook Ads campaign creation and management.

Impression is always looking for ways to help those within our community and across the country via our varied CSR commitments. All work was provided pro-bono, with an advertising grant from the local council providing media spend on Facebook ads.

The Strategy

Following a deep dive into the limited data available, we created a bespoke strategy designed to get the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time.

Right Message

To increase donations, we needed to serve up short, sharable ads with impact. This included a clear pitch, scroll-stopping calls-to-action, and emotive language.

Each audience was motivated by different messages, whether that was the chance to win an amazing prize in the auction, or a desire to support vulnerable groups.

We needed to split-test by including at least four image/copy variants per ad group so that we could optimize towards the best performing.

Right People

All audiences were geofenced to residents around Nottingham city area, as these individuals are most likely to engage with the community-centric message. We segmented audiences to test the most receptive groups, including targeting by: interests; demographics; similar to previous donators (lookalikes); and retargeting.

Right Time

The charity’s pace of change was quick, so Impression also needed to stay agile when new opportunities arose that weren’t in our original strategy, such as the Charity Auctions. We needed to react quickly, creating new campaigns and getting momentum as quickly as possible before the bidding closed.

The Results

We were delighted to achieve the Robin Hood Fund’s KPIs – using our expertise to raise funds while expanding their reach. They saw a significant spike in both traffic, and bids/donations during the campaign period as well as a significant uplift in donations to GoFundMe page over the campaign duration.


Total link clicks @ >£0.09 cpc


total raised in the charity auction

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