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#1 ranking positions for car comparison website

Jamjar is a car buying comparison website. They have over 20 years of experience and transparency is at the heart of what they do. Not only do they provide a service for selling your car, but they can also provide quotes for your van and car scrapping.

The Challenge

Jamjar.com’s overall objective was to replicate the success once achieved by Sell Your Jamjar (SYJJ), the client’s sister company. SYJJ previously experienced organic dominance in the same niche but the domain was negatively affected by Penguin 4.0, a 2016 Google algorithm update that penalised sites for using low-quality link building tactics.

Our objectives broke down as follows:



Reach comparable levels of monthly organic traffic and conversion as reported by Sell Your Jamjar in 2018.



Regaining positions #1 – #3 rankings for the core keywords topics: “sell my car”, “scrap my car”, “sell my van”

The Strategy

As a brand, “Jamjar.com” was previously owned by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) – we recognised that the history of the brand and the domain’s value should not be lost. The competitive marketplace also showed that there was a gap for a comparison site that would better serve its users by taking a more customer-centric approach.

Reactive SEO

Broken Backlinks & Toxic Domains

When RBS owned the domain, it already had a number of high-quality backlinks. However, their profile contained broken backlinks (from the BBC, for example) as well as several toxic domains.

Our Solution
We aimed to extract existing value from the historical site and strategy while preserving link equity as much as possible. We redirected their broken backlinks and went through a thorough disavow process so that their profile could communicate relevance and quality.

Out-of-Date Information & Structured Data

Even though Jamjar.com was a new venture, traces of its previous entity with the RBS group could be found online.

Our Solution
We found their previous Wikipedia entry and updated it to show how the brand had evolved over time. This, in conjunction with incorporating the "AutomotiveBusiness" structured data into their site, enabled us to rebuild the "Jamjar" entity from a search engine perspective.

Rigid Web Functionality

Jamjar.com’s early website was predominantly built on Laravel to accommodate their comparison functionality. However, this was largely non-indexable and left little room for other core conversion-focused landing pages.

Our Solution
We recommended migrating the Laravel site to a subdomain, comparison.jamjar.com, while introducing WordPress to feature on the main site. This migration also involved the introduction of Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing for a performance-focused website.

Proactive SEO

From a proactive SEO perspective, we aimed to use content to better serve the cross-funnel needs of the end-user and broaden search visibility. We created a user-focused search journey with topics to target users throughout the entirety of the conversion funnel:

1. Short & Long-tail Keyword Research

At the top of the funnel, the content strategy featured longer-tail keywords that were less competitive, allowing us to demonstrate our short-term value; lower down the funnel, we created content that targeted shorter-tail queries and would become part of the longer-term strategy.

2. Creating Content Silos

With the clearly defined objective of obtaining top rankings for three keywords (“sell my car”, “scrap my car”, and “sell my van”), we knew that a silo approach would be effective. The content was organised into a sitemap that clearly dictated our content schedule, separating out each of the topics into one of the three content silos.

3. Conversion-focused landing pages

When creating the content, we first tackled more conversion-focused landing pages with our team of content writers working collaboratively with our designers to introduce our core service pages. Once these were launched, it was then a process of writing the supporting guides until our content strategy was complete.

4. On-Page SEO Optimisation

With each landing page that was created, careful considerations were made in terms of page segmentation, architecture, and internal linking whilst using TF-IDF to understand how competitors had framed each topic. This led to an incremental and thorough approach that was core to the campaign’s success.

The Results

As a result of our work on this campaign, Impression was shortlisted for Best SEO Campaign in the 2019 UK Search Awards. Over the course of the campaign (January 2018 – March 2019), we achieved the following results:


ranking position for ‘sell my car online’


ranking position for ‘sell my van’


ranking position for ‘scrap my car today’

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