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Great Bean Bags

Content marketing campaign generates 27,000 responses

GreatBeanBags™ is a dedicated Nottingham based textiles manufacturer that has been producing bean bags since 1992. Its focus is on designing and making incomparable quality textile products and bean bags which are sold across the UK and beyond.

The Challenge

Great Bean Bags sought support from Impression to build its brand while generating revenue and optimising its site for better visibility to its key target markets.

In a bid to support wider SEO goals, our digital PR team was tasked with building relevant and targeted top-tier links through PR activity and larger content marketing campaigns to improve keyword visibility for a series of selected keywords.

With any digital PR campaign, we first consulted our circles of focus to decide upon the topics we could broach. The centre circle is very specific and brand-led, while the further you move from the centre into the outer circles,  the broader the topics become. With this in mind, we focused on ‘lazy’ and ‘health’ with the link being that while it’s great to laze around on a bean bag, it’s also about striking the right balance for your own physical and mental health.

The Strategy

This case study focuses on one larger piece of content marketing which helped to direct the PR strategy with numerous angles, a tool called the ‘Lazy Scale’ designed to show users how ‘lazy’ they are compared to the rest of the UK.

We knew that this could become a source of exclusive and valuable data to inform campaigns going forwards but first needed to phase the approach with other PR-led activities to generate visitors to the tool in order to record data for future stories. Focussing on the theme of ‘health and fitness’, we launched a campaign looking at the ‘UK’s unhealthiest places to live’.

The campaign utilised existing data from the websites of leading fast-food chains, to map all locations across the UK. By cross-referencing with population data, we were able to work out how many fast food outlets there were per capita for each location across the UK.

We used this data to target national consumer press, as well as local titles across the UK, enlisting the help of an expert nutritionist and dietician to comment on the data to provide some added clout. This now provides us with an asset that we can easily update annually and re-outreach.

Continuing the theme into the New Year when resolutions are rife, what better way to monitor your fitness than with your initial score on the lazy scale, compared to one a few months later? Using this as our angle, we pitched the tool directly to press yielding some great results.

The Results

The client now has two evergreen resources, which are generating natural links beyond the active outreach phase and the team can continually revisit these for different angles and utilise a new bank of unique and valuable data from more than 27,000 people across the UK collated through The Lazy Scale.

The overall campaign achieved coverage and links from multiple consumer-facing publications with unique and strong domains, including The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror and various local news sites across the UK.


Lazy Scale respondents


New links to the site


Average domain rating of new links

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