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94% YoY growth for bathroom basin retailer

Clickbasin is an online e-commerce retailer based in the UK that specialises in bathroom basins. They focus on quality, style & design and price. As a family-run business, they take a great deal of pride in their offering and the majority of their sales start online. Impression and Clickbasin started working together to help maximise online sales whilst providing an efficient and profitable return on media spend.

The Challenge

Clickbasin had an established website but, in the highly saturated bathroom basin market, found it could be difficult to compete with larger brands.

With that said, they were still keen to grow their revenue and believed PPC provided the ideal solution, giving them access to competitive search terms and more targeted audiences. Having been using an alternative paid ads agency, they had been disappointed with results and enlisted Impression to:


Identify efficiencies in the existing account


Increase return on advertising spend (ROAS)


Grow revenue through paid advertising

The Strategy

Identify efficiencies in the existing account

We started our work with Clickbasin by assessing their existing campaigns, recognising that, while the account wasn’t performing as well as hoped, the insights it could give us into what does work, what doesn’t and potential areas for growth were valuable.

Our initial audit identified areas of the account that were spending a large percentage of the budget whilst making no conversions; the search query report gave visibility on the high spending and low intent search terms such as ‘cloakroom ideas’ which, while potentially helpful in pushing top of the funnel awareness, were not leading to revenue for our client.

Given the competitive nature of the marketplace, we were keen that our client’s budget be focused on those campaigns which would deliver a tangible ROI. Our first step to improving efficiency was therefore to move budget away from the no-conversion campaigns and to focus it more to those campaigns that were driving sales.

Clickbasin was also utilising Google Shopping alongside Google Search Ads. Whilst the current Google Shopping structure was driving the majority of revenue for Clickbasin, we noted that a new, more granular structure would improve performance.

After completing an initial audit and getting familiar with the client and their goals, a 3-month Paid Media strategy was created. The strategy outlines project work that will be completed within the next 3 months and prioritised based on the expected positive impact on the account.


Phase 1

Having noted the lack of granular targeting in Clickbasin’s Google Shopping campaigns, we set about completely overhauling the account with a full restructure.

Each product category of the website had two Shopping campaigns created and search query filtering was utilised in order to apply bids based on purchasing intent and previous performance of each search term. The immediate effects of the new Shopping campaigns led to a large decrease in cost while maintaining current revenue.

In addition to the Shopping restructure, 62 new search campaigns were created. Extensive keyword research was carried out with a focus on long-tail and high intent keywords being added to the campaigns. Each keyword had an exact match and broad match variant, the exact match keywords were designed to drive a high return on ad spend whilst broad match keywords are designed to identify new keyword opportunity.

Phase 1 Results – 22% increase in YoY revenue whilst decreasing cost per clicks by over 25%.


Phase 2

Our next phase of work focused on enhancing the campaigns created in phase 1. Tasks included audience creation, ad extension implementation and ad split testing. Once the campaigns had been refined and tested there was a noticeable increase in quality score and click through rates. Due to cost per clicks decreasing even further it allowed more traffic to be generated at the same cost.

We also imported our campaigns into Bing, which allowed a new audience to be targeted. As Bing tends to have less competition than Google it allowed Clickbasin to compete on some of the broader keywords against the larger brands.

During this period, Impression also supported Clickbasin’s Black Friday campaigns with specific ad copy, updated extensions and reactive bids/budgets. Specific features such as a countdown timer on search ads helped improve click-through rate and created urgency for the user to convert.

Phase 2 Results – 101% increase in YoY revenue and 120% in transactions.


Phase 3

Our focus in this phase was to utilise the data gathered in the previous two phases to make impactful changes to the demographic, audience and location-based bidding. The objective was simple: increase bids in areas with a high conversion rate and return on ad spend and decrease bids for high spending and unprofitable areas of the account.

We also implemented a dynamic Search Ads campaign, used to target search terms that the current keywords weren’t targeting. Long tail keywords were crucial for Clickbasin’s strategy and to compete against the larger brands, so dynamic Search Ads allowed Impression to identify these search terms and add the high converting keywords into exact match campaigns.

Phase 3 Results – 106% increase in YoY revenue and a 76% increase in return on ad spend.

The Results

YoY increases for the following metrics in the first three months:


increase in revenue


increase in transactions


reduction in average cost per click (CPC)

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