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Car Audio Centre

Ecommerce business achieves 54% increase in conversion rate

Car Audio Centre is a leading retailer of car audio, road safety and navigation equipment.

The Challenge

Car Audio Centre experienced a steep decline in organic traffic and revenue, therefore started to invest in SEO which initially led to improvements. They went on to make the decision, for ease of implementation, to migrate to Magento for a more off-the-shelf ecommerce CMS. This migration turned out to be extremely problematic, leading to further organic decline.

Impression were appointed to carry out a recovery exercise. This was a blank canvas and all key content and technical elements of the site needed reviewing.

Our objectives were to:


Increase organic revenue by 10% YoY


Improve the organic conversions through the site by 20% YoY


Reduce organic traffic by 20%, while improving other engagement metrics YoY

The Strategy

One of the key issues with the site migration was that the product inventory was not reviewed against the categories on the site. This meant a lot of products were discontinued and the categories were therefore empty. This presented a big challenge as Car Audio Centre had over 15,000 products on the site and around 110 categories. To tackle this, we needed to consider SEO best practices, which stipulates you should not remove a mass amount of high traffic pages at once.

We needed to implement a strategy that would improve the conversion rate and revenue of the site whilst removing pages from the site that were driving irrelevant traffic with poor engagement.

Our strategy focused on three key actions that led us to exceed the objectives:

  • A thorough technical audit
  • Removing discontinued product pages
  • Optimisation of category content on the site

The Results

The below results reflect a time period from April 2019 – June 2019 YoY


Increase in overall conversion rate of the site


Increase in organic revenue

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