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Bell Tent Boutique

Glamping company increases revenue by 93% YoY

Bell Tent Boutique is an online glamping company who sell luxury bell tents to customers looking for an up-market camping experience. They called upon the help of Impression to help increase awareness of their brand, increase traffic to the website, and increase overall sales and revenue for their products through paid search.

The Challenge

Although Bell Tent Boutique had an established and beautiful-looking website, the main challenge was how to increase sales of their higher priced luxury camping products without losing a lot of their margin in competing against big camping competitors such as Go Outdoors and Mountain Warehouse.

We were tasked with improving their ROAS and increasing sales of their higher end products in a very competitive marketplace.

The Strategy

As an eCommerce store, it was clear that the core of Bell Tent Boutique’s paid activity must centre around Google Shopping. We split our shopping campaign strategies into 2 key areas:


Search Query Sculpting

Whilst the technique of search query sculpting has been discussed by various industry professionals for years, we took this one step further.

Traditionally, this is built using branded terms vs non-branded terms. Instead, we used n-gram analysis to find high-performance query strings. This allowed for bids to be applied based on the user’s intent, rather than simply the product.

This technique proved to be vital in improving performance. As always, we then set to work on automating this process so that our time can be better used elsewhere – focusing on continuing to innovate.


Feed optimisation

Feed optimisation is a vital component to any Shopping campaign, but we split this into 3 distinct considerations.

a) Feed optimisation for Google

Feed optimisation for Google is, for the most part, straightforward. Merchants must ensure they cover all required and recommended attributes, and submit their data in the most efficient way. For Bell Tent Boutique this meant ensuring all relevant information was included in product titles such as sizes and material. This is the area of feed optimisation that is most common.

b) Feed optimisation for the User

Slightly more complex is feed optimisation for the user. For Bell Tent Boutique, competitor analysis, reviewing search queries all assisted in building product titles and descriptions that best answer a users query. Crucially, testing of new feed titles and attributes was vital to ensuring success.

c) Feed optimisation to meet business goals

This is where the idea of ‘contextual feeds’ come in. These involve the use of external data in order to assist in campaign structure and bidding decisions. For example, businesses already have a wide range of other data (best sellers, offline data, margins, size coverage, stock levels etc), and these can be added as additional attributes in Shopping campaigns, to allow for more informed bidding decisions. For Bell Tent Boutique this meant using supplemental feeds to apply custom labels to products based on if they were key bestsellers for the business, allowing us to optimise our bids more efficiently.

Search and Display Strategy

Although shopping lies at the heart of Bell Tent Boutique’s strategy, search plays an integral role in contributing to overall brand visibility and driving users to the site.

Customer Driven Structure

At Impression, we understand that customer purchase is a journey, and as of such, we build our strategies around creating the best user experience from first interaction to purchase completion.

Although a keyword focused structure formed the foundation of Bell Tent Boutique’s search campaigns we decided to supercharge this standard practice with audience purchase consideration. This meant taking a ‘funnel’ approach to our strategy, applying RLSA’s to campaigns set up to specifically target users at the consideration and purchases stages of their purchase journey with keywords and bids optimised especially for this audience.

We didn’t stop there however, we also applied similar audiences (users who are determined by Google to be similar to our remarketing audiences) to all campaigns allowing us to increase the reach and visibility of our ads even further to drive users down the purchasing funnel.


Dynamic Remarketing

Integral to any eCommerce store is the use of Display ads to remarket to users who have already visited the site. However, we took this to the next level by implementing Dynamic Remarketing ads which allow us to display products users have actually viewed on site in a Display ad format. This is a powerful ad format and allowed us to link our search strategy with our display activity in order to create an awesome user and purchase experience.

The Results

Despite the search and shopping landscape for glamping tent products becoming increasingly competitive over the course of the year, our innovative techniques have allowed us to achieve exceptional results for Bell Tent Boutique. Our client is extremely happy with our achievements over the past 6 months compared to the same period in 2017:


increase in revenue


increase in transactions


increase in site visitors

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