Traditional PR has long been a part of most businesses’ marketing plans. That’s because traditional PR is all about filling the top of the funnel, ensuring you attract new potential customers before they even know they need your products or services.

But more and more, traditional PR is being usurped by digital PR – and if not usurped, it’s certainly become more of a question for businesses: should I invest in traditional PR, digital PR or both?

We’ve given it a great deal of thought here at Impression too. What is best? Are there any tactics we as digital PRs would not employ? What really makes us different?

The answer we landed on was this: digital PR is measurable PR, in a way that traditional struggles to be. That means we utilise a full spectrum of PR techniques constrained not by whether they are typically considered to be ‘traditional’, but by whether the results will be measurable.

If you’re looking for an agency that delivers measurable gains for your business, we’d love to hear from you.

What’s the difference between traditional and digital PR?

The terms ‘traditional PR’ and ‘digital PR’ are becoming interchangeable. While once digital PR was easily defined by ‘PR we do online’, the reality is that very few press publications now exist in an offline only capacity.

That means, by this definition, that things like broadcast PR or TV placements still sit fairly firmly in the ‘traditional’ camp because their ability to drive tangible, measurable gains is usually limited. But techniques usually understand to fall in the ‘traditional’ category – things like product stunts, for example – are up for debate.

That’s because we’re seeing how tactics like this can drive measurable gains. It’s no longer about the way we run our campaigns, but the way we measure our campaigns. Digital PRs are not satisfied with AVE or circulation figures; we seek tangible gains through things like:

If it’s measurable gains you’re looking for, digital PR is for you.

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