The practice of PR stunts is not a new one. In fact, look back into the very early days of traditional PR and stunts were abundant, from the campaigns of Edward Bernays and the ‘freedom torches’ right through to companies citing kittens as the cure for stress in more recent times.

The purpose of a PR stunt has, traditionally, been to attract media interest and therefore press coverage. More and more, its use as a digital PR tactic has grown, leading more companies to invest in PR stunts as a method to build links, audiences and brands.

Impression’s team of digital PR specialists has experience across traditional and digital PR techniques and has helped a broad variety of clients to land media coverage through the use of PR stunts.

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The ideation process behind a PR stunt

What’s really important in any PR stunt is that you – the business owners / marketer / SEO / PR specialist – feel comfortable with the idea.

That’s why we like to work really closely with our clients throughout the ideation session until we land on an idea that is going to suit both your aspirations and our KPIs.

Typically, this starts with an exploration of what we call your ‘circles of focus‘. This is our framework for identifying what topics are most closely related to your brand and how far beyond those topics we can stray while remaining relevant to what you sell and to your audience.

Next, we’ll immerse ourselves in publications relevant to your industry and the wider media relevant to your target audience. This is where we understand what type of content travels well.

Finally, we’ll brainstorm a wide range of ideas, bouncing ideas around our team of specialists (usually using a whiteboard and a lot of apparently random thinking!) before coming up with a shortlist for you. We’d never run with a PR stunt campaign without your feedback.

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What is a PR stunt?

A PR stunt is an activity which is intended to gain media attention. In digital PR, a stunt could be anything from an online product stunt through to an offline event or action which is designed to gain coverage and links.

Are PR stunts expensive?

A PR stunt doesn’t need to be expensive. It could be a simple reworking of a product or service you already sell, re-framed to fit the media agenda of the time. With budget, a PR stunt can be something much bigger.

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is a tactic used by businesses to earn new links to their website to support SEO visibility. Of course, the benefits of digital PR extend beyond just links but in the main part, it is a link building activity.